Our flexible courses enable you to learn from leading academics in the field, in a vibrant and friendly environment. With experts whose research spans the medieval to the modern, with geographic specialisation on Britain, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia you will always be able to find modules that pique your curiosity and quench your thirst for knowledge.

The expertise of our staff is highlighted by our strong publication record and reputation for research of outstanding quality, our work editing leading academic journals and our recent grant successes. 85% of our research has been designated internationally excellent or world-leading.

Our research priorities reflect the challenges that Leicester, and other localities in the UK and overseas, face in the twenty-first century. Our research strengths are clustered around: colonialism and its legacies; community and sense of place; ethnic and racial identity; heritage; migration and diaspora; religion and faith-based minorities; the environment; urban planning; welfare and health.

History at Leicester is part of the School of History, Politics and International Relations.

"The wide variety of module choices has allowed me to develop my interest in specific areas of history, including urban history."