Dr James Bothwell

Lecturer in Later Medieval English History

School/Department: History Politics and International Relations, School of

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Born in Edmonton Alberta Canada I was Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of York from 1997-9 and have been at the University of Leicester since that time.


My past research has been primarily on later medieval English history in particular the reign of Edward III but my interests have gradually spread out to encompass most of the Middle Ages after the Norman Conquest. I am particularly interested in the English monarchy nobility and gentry as well as aspects of exaction and giving at all levels of medieval society. I am presently working on a regional study of ideas and realities of charity and community in England during the later Middle Ages focusing on the county of Leicester, as well as a study of the 1381 Rising in the Midlands.


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Later medieval English history especially focusing on the English monarchy nobility patronage and charity


I teach high and late medieval English History looking at wide range of topics. Examples of the modules I teach/have taught:

People and Places: The Black Prince

Women Men and the History of Gender

Blood Position and Power: The Nobility of Later Medieval England 1066-1485

The Fourteenth Century Crisis in England? Politics & Society 1297-1413

A Medieval Welfare State? Giving and Society 1066-1536

Mastering Medieval Sources (Postgraduate)

Court and Culture in Fourteenth Century England (Postgraduate)

Press and media

Fourteenth Century English Political History

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