History at Leicester

Academic staff

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Professor Krista Cowman Head of School 5346 kc298@le.ac.uk
Professor Clare Anderson Professor of History (229) 7528 ca26@le.ac.uk
Dr Aaron Andrews Teaching Fellow in Urban Global/Imperial History   aa1397@le.ac.uk
Dr Bernard Attard Associate Professor in Economic History 2798 bpa1@le.ac.uk
Dr Svenja Bethke Associate Professor in Modern European History 5138 sb744@le.ac.uk
Dr James Bothwell Lecturer in Later Medieval History 2814 jsb16@le.ac.uk
Dr James Campbell Associate Professor in American History 2583 jmc62@le.ac.uk
Dr Elizabeth Clapp Associate Professor in American History 2815 ejc12@le.ac.uk
Professor John Coffey Professor of Early Modern History 3941 jrdc1@le.ac.uk
Dr Erin Thomas Dailey  Associate Professor in Early Medieval History 2736 etd4@le.ac.uk
Dr Zoë Groves Lecturer in Modern Global, Colonial and Postcolonial History 2449 zrg3@le.ac.uk
Dr Ian Harris Lecturer in Early Modern European History (229) 7532 ich1@le.ac.uk
Dr Sally Horrocks Associate Professor in Contemporary British History 5070  smh4@le.ac.uk
Professor Elizabeth T. Hurren Professor of Modern History 5968 eh140@le.ac.uk
Betsy Inlow  PGR Teaching Fellow   eji3@le.ac.uk
Dr Andrew Johnstone Associate Professor in American History 2861 aej7@le.ac.uk
Dr Richard Jones Associate Professor in Landscape History 2764 rlcj1@le.ac.uk
Professor Prashant Kidambi Associate Professor in Colonial Urban History 2766 pk64@le.ac.uk
Dr Zoe Knox Associate Professor in Modern Russian History 2711 zk15@le.ac.uk
Professor George Lewis  Professor of American History  5370  gdgl1@le.ac.uk 
Dr Toby Lincoln Associate Professor in Chinese Urban History 5907 tl99@le.ac.uk
Dr James Moore Lecturer in Modern British Social History (229) 7531 jm68@le.ac.uk
Dr Paul Moore Lecturer in Modern European History 2816 pm294@le.ac.uk
Dr Angela Muir Lecturer in British Social and Cultural History 2763 am1074@le.ac.uk
Miss Veena Patel  Graduate Teaching Assistant  n/a vp163@le.ac.uk 
Emma Rhodes  PGR Teaching Fellow   emr18@le.ac.uk
Dr Eliza Riedi Lecturer in Imperial History  2807 er48@le.ac.uk
Professor Joanna Story Professor of Early Medieval History 2761 js73@le.ac.uk
Dr Ellen Smith Teaching Fellow in British Social History n/a es447@le.ac.uk
Professor Roey Sweet Professor of Urban History 2837 rhs4@le.ac.uk
Dr Deborah Toner Associate Professor of History 7392 dt151@le.ac.uk
Dr Sarah-Jane Walton Lecturer in Urban Global/Imperial History   sjw156@le.ac.uk
Dr Hannah Wilson  Teaching Fellow in Holocaust History 3296  hw362@le.ac.uk 

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