Academic staff

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
George Lewis Head of School - Professor of American History 5370
Clare Anderson Professor of History (229) 7528
Bernard Attard Lecturer in Economic History 2798
Svenja Bethke Lecturer in Modern European History 5138
James Bothwell Lecturer in Later Medieval History 2814
James Campbell Associate Professor in American History 2583
Elizabeth Clapp Associate Professor in American History 2815
John Coffey Professor of Early Modern History 3941
Zoë Groves Lecturer in Modern Global, Colonial and Postcolonial History 2449
Simon Gunn Professor of Urban History 5291
Ian Harris Lecturer in Early Modern European History (229) 7532
Andrew Hopper Professor in English Local History 3979
Sally Horrocks Associate Professor in Contemporary British History 5070
Elizabeth T. Hurren Professor of Modern History 5968
Andrew Johnstone Associate Professor in American History 2861
Richard Jones Associate Professor in Landscape History 2764
Prashant Kidambi Associate Professor in Colonial Urban History 2766
Alexander Korb Associate Professor in Modern European History 2784
Zoe Knox Associate Professor in Modern Russian History 2711
Toby Lincoln Associate Professor in Chinese Urban History 5907
James Moore Lecturer in Modern British Social History (229) 7531
Paul Moore Lecturer in Modern European History 2816
Angela Muir Lecturer in British Social and Cultural History 2763
Veena Patel  Graduate Teaching Assistant  n/a 
Eliza Riedi Lecturer in Imperial History  2807
Joanna Story Professor of Early Medieval History 2761
Roey Sweet Professor of Urban History 2837
Deborah Toner Associate Professor of History 7392
Jan Vandeburie Lecturer in Later Medieval History 2808