History at Leicester

University Fellows, Honorary Visiting Staff, Associates and Emeritus

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Nigel Aston Honorary Fellow  5939  na343@ke.ac.uk 
Rachel Askew  Honorary Visiting Fellow    ra44@le.ac.uk 
Julie Attard  Honorary Fellow in the Centre for English Local History   jad17@le.ac.uk
Stuart Ball Emeritus Professor of Modern British History bal@le.ac.uk
Stewart Beale 
Honorary Visiting Fellow   sb916@le.ac.uk 
Claire Breay Head of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts at the British Library   claire.breay@bl.uk
Raul Carstocea  Honorary Fellow 2801  rc472@le.ac.uk
Carrie Crockett Honorary Fellow    
Erin Thomas Dailey  Honorary Visiting Fellow  2756  etd4@le.ac.uk 
Gary Davies  Honorary Visiting Fellow   gd156@le.ac.uk
Martin Davies            Emeritus Reader in the History of the European Enlightenment   mld@le.ac.uk
James Davey Honorary Visiting Fellow   jtd13@le.ac.uk 
Anita Dockley  Honorary Visiting Fellow    ad506@le.ac.uk 
Chris Dyer Emeritus Professor of History 2765 cd50@le.ac.uk
Lucy Faire Honorary Fellow 2810 ljf2@le.ac.uk
Peter Fearon Emeritus Professor of Modern Economic and Social History 5718 psf@le.ac.uk
Katherine Foxhall Honorary Lecturer   k.foxhall@le.ac.uk
David Gentilcore  Honorary Fellow    dcg2@le.ac.uk 
Simon Gunn  Emeritus Professor of Urban History    sg201@le.ac.uk 
Karianne Hansen Honorary Fellow     kh385@le.ac.uk
John Hinks Honorary Fellow   jh241@le.ac.uk
Norman Housley Emeritus Professor of History   hou@le.ac.uk
Yuehan Hu  Honorary Research Fellow   yh302@le.ac.uk 
Peter Jones  Honorary Research Fellow   psj4@le.ac.uk
Susan Kilby  Honorary Visiting Fellow    sk565@le.ac.uk 
Steven King  Honorary Professor   sak28@le.ac.uk 
Katy Layton-Jones  Honorary Fellow   kllj1@le.ac.uk
Liam McCarthy  Honorary Fellow    lm497@le.ac.uk 
David Manning Honorary Visiting Fellow   dm254@le.ac.uk
John Martin Honorary Research Fellow    jm803@le.ac.uk
Jacquline Richards  Honorary Fellow    jr383@le.ac.uk 
Util Richmond-Thomas  Honorary Fellow    urt3@le.ac.uk 
Marylynn Rouse  Honorary Visiting Fellow    mr367@le.ac.uk 
Matthew Rowley Honorary Visiting Fellow   mpr22@le.ac.uk
Kevin Schürer Emeritus Professor of English Local History    ks291@le.ac.uk 
Marc Seeliger  Honorary Visiting Fellow    ms1075@le.ac.uk 
Gurharpal Singh Honorary Visiting Fellow   gs314@le.ac.uk
Keith Snell  Emeritus Professor of Rural and Cultural History    kdm@le.ac.uk 
Steven Spencer Honorary Visiting Fellow   sjts1@le.ac.uk 
Steven Taylor  Honorary Visiting Fellow    sjt48@le.ac.uk
Matthew Tompkins Honorary Fellow 229 7833 mllt1@le.ac.uk
Andrew Watkins  Honorary Visiting Fellow   aw394@le.ac.uk
David Wilson Honorary Research Fellow   dw149@le.ac.uk
Emine Zeytinli Honorary Fellow 5854 ez68@le.ac.uk

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