History at Leicester

University Fellows, Honorary Visiting Staff, Associates and Emeritus

Name Responsibility Email
Rachel Askew  Honorary Fellow  ra44@le.ac.uk 
Juliet Bailey Honorary Fellow, Centre for Regional and Local History jb867@le.ac.uk
Philip Batman Honorary Fellow pb353@le.ac.uk
Susan Bishop  Honorary Fellow sb1059@le.ac.uk
Elizabeth Blood Honorary Fellow eb455@le.ac.uk
Katie Boehme Honorary Fellow kmb42@le.ac.uk
Yvonne Creswell Honorary Fellow yc393@le.ac.uk 
Mandy de Belin Honorary Fellow mdb48@le.ac.uk
Karen Donegani Honorary Fellow - Centre for Regional and Local History kd257@le.ac.uk 
Chris Dyer Emeritus Professor of History cd50@le.ac.uk
Aaron Edwards  Honorary Fellow ae211@le.ac.uk
Joseph Elders  Honorary Fellow je199@le.ac.uk
Lucy Faire Honorary Fellow ljf2@le.ac.uk
Peter Fearon Emeritus Professor of Modern Economic and Social History psf@le.ac.uk
Michael Gilbert Honorary Fellow - Centre for Regional and Local History mg502@le.ac.uk
Simon Gunn  Emeritus Professor of Urban History  sg201@le.ac.uk 
Sue Hughes Honorary Fellow  sh993@le.ac.uk
Melissa Ifill Honorary Fellow mi231@le.ac.uk
Norman Housley Emeritus Professor of History hou@le.ac.uk
Susan Kilby  Honorary Visiting Fellow  sk565@le.ac.uk 
Steven King  Honorary Professor sak28@le.ac.uk 
Tracey Logan Honorary Fellow tl237@le.ac.uk
David Manning Honorary Visiting Fellow dm254@le.ac.uk
Roger Morris  Honorary Fellow rm457@le.ac.uk 
Aubrey Newman  Emeritus Professor of History new@le.ac.uk 
Julian Pooley  Honorary Fellow jrp21@le.ac.uk
Marylynn Rouse  Honorary Visiting Fellow  mr367@le.ac.uk 
Kevin Schürer Emeritus Professor of English Local History  ks291@le.ac.uk 
Gurharpal Singh Honorary Visiting Fellow gs314@le.ac.uk
Keith Snell  Emeritus Professor of Rural and Cultural History  kdm@le.ac.uk 
Paul Stamper Honorary Visiting Fellow ps478@le.ac.uk
Andrew Watkins  Honorary Visiting Fellow aw394@le.ac.uk
David Yates Honorary Fellow dy46@le.ac.uk

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