History at Leicester

Research Fellows and Associates

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Estherine Adams Research Associate - MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails    ea299@le.ac.uk 
Richard Ansell  Research Associate - War, travel and culture exchange: William Gell and the British in Iberia, 1750-1830    ra437@le.ac.uk
Jamie Banks  Research Assistant - Alcohol, Race and Ethnicity    jh811@le.ac.uk 
Emma Battell Lowman  Research Associate -  Colonial and Post-colonial History: enhancing knowledge, capacity and networks in the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia   ejl27@le.ac.uk
Queenela Cameron  Research Associate - MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails     quc1@le.ac.uk 
Pam Fisher Volunteer Co-ordinator - Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust  5722  pjf7@le.ac.uk
Helen Foster  Research Fellow  5065  hlf8@le.ac.uk 
Trixie Gadd  Research Assistant - Welfare, Conflict and Memory    tg192@le.ac.uk 
Cameron Hunter

 Research Associate in Nuclear Politics

Colin Hyde Researcher - Unlocking Our Sound Heritage 5065  ch38@le.ac.uk
Mellissa Ifill  Honorary Visiting Fellow and Co-Investigator - MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails    mi174@le.ac.uk 
Betsy Inlow  Research Assistant - Narrative Art and Visual Storytelling in Holocaust and Human Rights Education   ei43@le.ac.uk 
Shammane Joseph Jackson  Research Associate - MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails   smtjj1@le.ac.uk 
Dylan Kerrigan Research Associate - MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails     dk252@le.ac.uk
Helen Metcalfe  Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellow: 'A Healthy Approach to Grief The Emotional, Material, and Sensory History of Grief and Loss in Late-Georgian Britain, c.1760-1830'    hm371@le.ac.uk 
Kellie Moss Research Associate - MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails   km345@le.ac.uk
Lorraine Paterson  Research Associate - Convicts, Creolization and Cosmopolitanism in the British and French Empires   lp333@le.ac.uk 
Ismini Pells Project Manager/Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Welfare, Conflict and Memory 373 6486  igsb1@le.ac.uk
Kristy Warren  Research Associate - MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails   kw272@le.ac.uk 
Charlotte Young  Research Assistant - Welfare, Conflict and Memory   cy99@le.ac.uk 

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