Colin Hyde

Researcher and Outreach Officer, East Midlands Oral History Archive

Colin Hyde working at a tape reorder

School/Department: History Politics and International Relations, School of

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My involvement with oral history goes back to the original Leicester Oral History Archive, which I joined in 1988. I joined the East Midlands Oral History Archive in 2001. I support students and academics at the University, encourage and help community-based oral history projects across the East Midlands, and work to retrieve, preserve, and use oral history recordings. From April 2022 I am managing EMOHA's Sounds for the Future project, which is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


I am interested in the preservation of sound recordings and the use of archival recordings. Funded research includes Unlocking Our Sound Heritage (NLHF), a partnership with the British Library that preserved thousands of sound recordings from the Midlands and used oral histories for reminiscence work with people who have dementia. Affective Digital Histories (AHRC) explored the use of archival sound recordings in interpreting the past of the Cultural Quarter in Leicester. I have also written about ghost signs and town trails in Leicester and have an interest in how these contribute to the local urban environment.


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Press and media

I am happy to be contacted about oral history; the use and preservation of sound recordings; the history of Leicester and Leicestershire; ghost signs; town trails.
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