Earth Observation Science

Group contacts

Main contacts

Role Name Email Telephone
Head of EOS  Dr Joshua Vande Hey +44 (0)116 229 7721
EOS Project Finance Officer and Group Administrator Sophie Bricknell +44 (0)116 229 7805
Director of NCEO Professor John Remedios +44 (0)116 223 1319
PA to NCEO Director Jane Hull +44 (0)116 252 2016

For other NCEO contacts please see NCEO Directorate and Science Support below. You may also email


Name  Role  Email  NCEO 
Professor John Remedios Director of NCEO *
Dr Harjinder Sembhi  Lecturer

Dr Joshua Vande Hey Lecturer
Dr Rob Parker  Lecturer

Dr Adam Povey Lecturer 
Dr Tim Trent  Lecturer

Honorary Positions

Name Email NCEO
Dr Alessandro Battaglia *
Professor Hartmut Boesch *

Research Fellows

Name  Role  Email  NCEO 
Dr Darren Ghent
NCEO Leader and Research Fellow for Land Surface Temperature
Dr Jeremy Harrison 
NCEO Leader and Research Fellow in Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Radiative Transfer

Research staff

Name  Role  Email  NCEO 
Dr Nezha Acil  Research Associate
Dr Jasdeep Anand
Research Associate
Dr Rocio Barrio Guillo  Research Associate   
Dr Mike Cartwright Research Associate 
Dr Ben Courtier Research Associate  
Dr Daniel Coxon  Research Associate *
Dr Ranvir Dhillon
Research Associate

Dr Anna Gialitaki   Research Associate

Dr Neil Humpage
Research Associate
Dr Steven Lloyd Research Associate
Bill McKnight  EOS Technician   
Dr David Moore
Research Associate
Dr Kamil Mroz
NCEO Radiation and Rainfall Scientist
Dr Lakshmi NB  Research Associate
Dr Marios Panayi
Research Associate

Dr Rikesh Panchal
Research Associate

Dr Mike Perry
Simulation Scientist
Dr Agnieszka Soszynska  Research Associate 
Dr Karen Veal
Research Associate
Dr Cristina Ruiz Villena
Research Associate

PhD students

Name  Email  NCEO 
Matthew Benyon  
Antonio Bruno
Doug Gregg
Lilli Helps
Laura Horton  
Adriana lorga *
Supriya Mantri
Ben Mudge  
Dan Orr
Charlotte Paton 
Daniel Potts

Shrijana Poudel 
Ritika Shukla
Lavinia Toso
Abigail Waring

NCEO Directorate and Science support

Name  Role  Email  NCEO 
Catherine Fitzsimons 
NCEO Outreach Coordinator
Jane Hull
PA to Professor John Remedios
Eleanor Morton NCEO Environmental Sustainability Coordinator *
Fazila Patel
NCEO Support
Zee Shabbir NCEO Centre and Programme Manager
John Stevenson NCEO Website Development Co-ordinator
Tara Thompson
NCEO Communications Manager
Rhys Meredith NCEO Finance and Contracts Officer
Ankita Pant  NCEO Social Responsibility Officer 
Ankita Patel  NCEO Software & Data Engineer 
Svetlana Zolotikova
GEO/CEOS Office Manager

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