Earth Observation Science

Atmospheric Composition and Air Quality

Atmospheric Composition and Air Quality

We make extensive use of Earth observations to address issues of pressing societal need. In our research, we determine and assess human influence on local and global atmospheric composition and air pollution, long-range and transboundary transport of pollutants, adverse health effects of exposure to air pollution, and the complex interactions of chemistry, climate and meteorology.

We conduct detailed and extensive validation of satellite observations with ground-based observations from aircraft, sondes, and local and global monitoring networks. Interpretation of information from Earth observations is with box, regional and global models spanning a range of scales in space and time. Research is conducted in collaboration with local and international scientists, government agencies, and the private sector and is funded by the European Commission, the European Space Agency (ESA), NERC, the Department for Food, Environment & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and many other funders.

Our work in this theme includes:

  • Air quality at city, regional and global scales
  • Human impact on global atmospheric composition
  • Interactions between chemistry, climate and meteorology
  • Health impacts of air pollution

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