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Collect your student ID

You'll get your student ID card once you've completed online registration (including uploading a photo) and the identity check or visa checkpoint. To make sure that there aren't any delays in getting your card, please make sure that you set up your account on MyStudentRecord and upload a photo in plenty of time.

Your student ID Card can be used for:

  • Accessing the David Wilson Library
  • Registering your attendance at timetabled teaching
  • Accessing the gym (if you have purchased a membership)
  • Registering your attendance at campus timetabled events
  • Printing
  • Accessing approved University buildings
  • Proving your identity when collecting University documents and attending exams
  • Accessing any meal plans you have signed up for

If you are unable to access a room or building you will need to discuss this with our Estates and Campus Services team who are located in the South Wing of the Fielding Johnson Building.

Collecting your student ID Card - new students

Your student ID card is created as part of the registration process. If you have uploaded a suitable photograph when completing online registration, your card will be waiting for you to collect when you arrive at University. If you are an international student you can collect your card as part of the Visa Checkpoint. If you are a UK, EEA or Swiss citizen, you can collect your card when completing your Identity Check.

ID cards for distance learning students (undergraduate and postgraduate taught) will be posted out to the address provided during online registration shortly following their course start date. Students will receive a confirmation email to let them know their card is on the way. 

How to use your student ID Card

When you first use your card you will need to hold your card to the reader for up to 30 seconds to activate your card. The light will flash blue whilst the card is updating, and will then turn either green or red. If it turns green your access has been authorised. If it turns red however, there is an issue with either your access permissions or your card. You will need to speak with Estates and Campus Services, located in the South Wing of the Fielding Johnson Building if this occurs.

Please note that all new student ID cards will take up to 24 hours to begin working.

Do not store your student ID card with or next to mobile devices, for example in your phone case. Doing this may de-activate your ID card and impact your access to rooms and attendance record.

Ordering a replacement student ID card

If your card has been lost or stolen you'll need to request a replacement. You can do this by visiting the Information Hub at the David Wilson Library or emailing There is no charge for a replacement card.

A replacement photograph is not normally required.

Please note that all new student ID cards will take up to 24 hours to begin working.

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