Your arrival

Identity check and visa checkpoint

Once you have completed online registration, to finish your registration you will need to attend either an in-person ID check (UK students) or an in-person visa checkpoint (EU/EEA/Swiss and international students)  when you arrive. 

If you are:

  • UK citizen: you will need to bring your passport or full birth certificate to your Identity Check (please note we cannot accept a driving licence as this does not provide evidence of your nationality).
  • an EU, EEA/Swiss citizen and have been granted a digital immigration status (no physical immigration documentation has been issued)  which could be a form of EU Settled Status or a Student visa: you must provide evidence of this prior to your Visa Checkpoint by obtaining a Share Code and emailing it to, along with your date of birth and student number. If you are an EU students who has been granted a Student visa you must also provide a copy of the decision notification which you received from UKVI when your visa was issued which details the conditions of your permission, e.g. working hours. When you attend your Visa Checkpoint you must also bring your passport or EU national identity card with you as ID to obtain your student ID card.  
  • a non EU/EEA student: you must provide evidence of permission to study in the UK, and must bring this your visa and passport to your Visa Checkpoint.   
  • have a Student Visa: you must bring this with your current valid passport to your Visa Checkpoint. You do not need to provide this in advance. 
  • have indefinite leave to remain or other immigration permission to be in the UK you will need to provide documentation to prove this. 

If you opted to collect your biometric residence permit from the university (rather than the post office) when you applied for your visa, you will receive it at visa checkpoint too. We will let you know when it has arrived. If you are collecting this from the Post Office please collect this once you have completed any quarantine and before you attend your Visa Checkpoint.

Once you have attended your ID check or visa checkpoint you are officially a University of Leicester student and will receive your student ID card so you can start accessing the library and your student finance.

Documents to bring with you

Make sure to bring to University with you the documents you need:

  • UK students: passport or full UK birth certificate
  • EEA/Swiss students: passport or or national identity card plus your Student Visa if a Share Code has not been provided in advance
  • International students: passport and visa 

Start dates

Most courses will start on 10 January and students need to have completed registration as soon as possible by this date. Students arriving from red or amber list countries need to arrive in the UK early enough to complete their quarantine period prior to the start of term so that they can attend campus.

Don't leave it to the deadline - we recommend that you register as soon as you can after you arrive to ensure a smooth start to your studies.

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