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Identity check

Once you have completed online registration, the final step is attending your Identity Check.

Identity Checks for our September 2024 starters will be completed at our Registration Event in the Sports Hall located on the ground floor of the Charles Wilson Building.

New UK students need to complete an identity check at the start of term to fully complete registration and receive a student ID card. The purpose of an identity check is to confirm a student's identity and nationality.

Attending your identity check

September 2024

Your Identity Check will take place on campus in the Charles Wilson Sports Hall and you will need to ensure you have booked an appointment to attend. Bookings will open in late August 2024 and the link will be included in your invitation to register as well as any reminders. You will need to present your identity documents (please see a list of valid documents below) and then you can receive your student ID card. Please provide one of the following documents:

  • Photo/details page of your valid UK passport
  • UK long birth certificate - the version that includes the birth place of your parents (if your parents were not born in the UK or Ireland you will need to show a passport or further documentation). Please note we are unable to accept a copy of your driving licence as this is not proof of your nationality.

If the Charles Wilson Building is not open, identity checks can be completed at the Information Hub and in the David Wilson Library.

UK students who will begin living in University Halls of Residence

If you are living in University-managed accommodation, you will be able to complete your identity check and receive your student ID card on arrival at your Hall of Residence. Please remember to bring your identity documents listed above. You do not need to book an appointment for your identity check.

Once you have completed your identity check you will be a fully registered student with the University.

Courses with earlier start dates

Some of our courses start prior to the beginning of term (PGCE, Pre-sessional courses, some postgraduate taught programmes) and prior to the Sports Hall opening in September 2024.

For these courses, your department will usually arrange for you to complete your Identity Check as part of your induction programme and so you are not required to book a separate appointment.

Your invitation to register will confirm the arrangements made for your Identity Check so please make sure you check this carefully.

International students

If you are an international student (including EU), please visit our Visa Checkpoint webpages for further information.

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