Sociology at Leicester

Academic and teaching staff

Academic staff

All telephone numbers are prefixed with +44 (0)116 XXX when calling from outside the University.

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr David Bartram  Associate Professor  252 2724 
Dr Paul Ian Campbell Lecturer  223 1616
Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown  Lecturer  252 2737 
Dr Natalie Darko
Associate Professor 
Dr Michael Dunning  Associate Professor  223 1613 
Professor John Goodwin  Professor  252 5922 
Professor Jason Hughes   Professor   252 2734 
Dr Stephen Jackson  Teaching Fellow  252 3982 
Professor Athina Karatzogianni Professor 
Dr Pierre Monforte  Associate Professor  252 2780 
Professor Henrietta O'Connor  Professor  252 5952 
Dr Michelle O'Reilly  Associate Professor  223 1991 
Laurie Parsons Lecturer  252 2731
Dr Grace Sykes Lecturer
Dr Patrick White  Associate Professor and Director of Contemporary Society  223 1450 
Dr Jo Whitehouse-Hart Lecturer

Honorary and Emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor David Ashton  Emeritus Professor 
Professor Bob Carter  Emeritus Professor  252 5359 
Professor Derek Layder  Emeritus Professor  223 1436 
Professor Stephen Mennell
Honorary Professor
Professor Barbara Misztal  Emeritus Professor  252 2459 
Professor Tracy Shildrick  Honorary Visiting Professor     
Kajal Nisha Patel  Honorary Visiting Fellow (Leverhulme artist-in-residence     
Professor Surinder Sharma  Honorary Visiting Fellow  223 1025 
Mr John Williams  Honorary Visiting Fellow 

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants

Name Position Telephone Email
Christian Davis 
Graduate Teaching Assistant 
Nyall Simms   Graduate Teaching Assistant 

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