Angus Siu-cheong Li

PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Mr Angus Siu-cheong Li

School/Department: Criminology, School of



I joined the School of Criminology in September 2022 as a PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant.

I obtained my BSSc (Hons) in Sociology (First Class Honours) from Hong Kong Baptist University, Master of Cultural Studies (Distinction) from Lingnan University and MPhil in Humanities (no corrections) from Hong Kong Baptist University.

During my MPhil tenure, I also served as a teaching assistant. Over the past few years, I was involved in various research projects in the areas of policing, police oversight, identity politics, social activism and public health in Hong Kong and the inter-Asia context.


My current PhD research is titled ‘New Home, New View(s)? A Qualitative Study of Hongkonger Migrants’ Trust in the Police in the United Kingdom’.

It aims to unravel how trust in the police is constructed amongst Hongkonger migrants, examine the negotiation process of their migrant identity, and consider the ways in which lived experiences in their place of origin have influenced how their relations with the police are comprehended.


Refereed journal articles

Ho, Lawrence K. K., Li, Angus S. C. and Chan, Jason K. H. (2023) ‘Empowerment and capacity of external police oversight: The paradox of Control Yuan in Taiwan’, Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 17, paad035. Available at:

Ho, Lawrence K. K., Li, Angus S. C. and Lee, Helen Y. K. (2023) ‘Community Policing and Ethnic Minorities’ Inclusion: Integrating the South Asian Residents in Hong Kong & Insights for Taiwan’, Journal of Criminology Research, 2. Available at:

Kwong, M. H., Ho, Leonard, Li, Angus S. C., … and Chung, V. C. H. (2023) ‘Integrative oncology in cancer care — implementation factors: mixed-methods systematic review’, BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, spcare-2022-004150. Available at:

Ho, F. F., Xu, S., Kwong, T. M. H., Li, Angus S. C., … and Chung, V. C. H. (2023) ‘Prevalence, Patterns, and Clinical Severity of Long COVID among Chinese Medicine Telemedicine Service Users: Preliminary Results from a Cross-Sectional Study’, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(3), 1827. Available at:

Siu, Judy Y. M., Chan, Engle Angela, Li, Angus S. C. and Lee, Y. M. (2022) ‘Motivations and deterrents of blood donation among blood donors during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong’, Health Expectations, 25(6), pp. 3192-3201. Available at:

Li, Angus S. C. (2021) ‘Killing with No Punishment: Police Violence and Judicial (In)justice’, IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies, 6(SI), pp. 33-48. Available at:


  • Theories of Crime and Criminality (Undergraduate)
  • Criminal Justice in Action (Undergraduate)


Academic presentations

‘What Has Changed and Why: The Transformation and (De)Legitimisation of Post-COVID Policing in Hong Kong and Taiwan’ (with Lawrence K. K. Ho), Comparative Policing Review 2nd International Workshop: Shocks, Crisis and Policing, Lisbon, 4 December 2023.

‘Community Policing and the Politics of Inclusion: Integrating the South Asian Residents in Hong Kong’ (with Ho, Lawrence K. K. and Lee, Helen Y. K.), Symposium on Crime Issues and Responses 2022. National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, 2 December 2022.

‘Human Rights and Policing in Hong Kong: Rethinking Legitimacy and Governance’, International Research Workshop on Community Policing and Public Administration: Legitimacy and Accountability. The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 13 June 2018.

‘Policing the Others: Cultural Studies of Police Work in Relation to Human Rights Politics in Hong Kong’, The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2018. Art Centre Kobe, Japan, 3 June 2018.

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