Dr Cristina d'Aniello

Lecturer in Criminology

School/Department: Criminology, School of



Dr Cristina d’Aniello is a Lecturer in Criminology. She obtained her first degree in Law at the Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Italy. After passing the bar examination, she worked as a Lawyer in Italy. In 2012 she moved to the UK, where she completed an MSc in Clinical Criminology followed by a PhD in Criminology at the University of Leicester. From March 2019 until July 2022, Cristina worked for the Department of Social Sciences at UWE Bristol as a Lecturer in Criminology.


Cristina's primary research interests include Miscarriages of Justice, Jury Decision-Making, Psychology in the Courtroom, Deception Detection in Forensic Contexts, and Organised Crime. Her research focuses on real-world issues and adopts transnational, interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to contribute to the improvement and reform of the criminal justice system. 


  • d’Aniello C. ‘The Jury on Trial: Guilty or Not Guilty? Investigating jury trial issues through a comparative approach’ in Johnston, E. (ed.) Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Travaglino G. A. and d'Aniello C. (2023) 'Crime as Protest, Protest as Crime: Interdisciplinary Perspectives', Contention, 11(1),


  • Forensic Psychology

  • Miscarriages of Justice

  • Jury decision-making

  • Deception Detection

  • Eyewitness Testimony

  • Organised Crime


  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology

  • Victims of Crime

  • Criminal Justice & Mental Disorder


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