Dr Gina Fox

Associate Professor in Criminology

School/Department: Criminology, School of



Dr Gina Fox is the Deputy Dean of Education for the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. She is an Associate Professor in Criminology, University Distinguished Teaching Fellow and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Gina won the British Society of Criminology National Award for Excellence in Teaching Criminology and Criminal Justice.  Gina undertook a BA Honours degree in Law in Ireland and MSc in Criminology at the University of Leicester. She then went on to complete her PhD here at the University of Leicester.


Gina's doctoral research explored rehabilitation and its effectiveness on reducing reoffending. It took a closer look at ‘non-accredited’ rehabilitative prison interventions in particular. Here she applied a qualitative approach in exploring the views and opinions of those directly involved in the selection, facilitating and participation of these programmes. The research highlights the need for range, innovation in the approaches to rehabilitation and flexibility in the delivery of programmes, from one prison to the next. This research demonstrates how prison programme provision is a ‘Rehabilitation Lottery’, a term coined by Gina.


Fox, G. (2018) ‘Dissertation Journey: Thinking Out Loud' project: Teaching support resource

Fox, G. (2018) Reflections on the Magistrates’ Association Spring Conference Event, Montgomeryshire Magistrates' Newsletter, Montgomeryshire

Fox, G. (2017) ‘The Rehabilitation Lottery’: Exploring delivery and attitudes towards non-accredited programmes in a private prison using a case study approach, Montgomeryshire Magistrates' Newsletter, Montgomeryshire

Fox, G. (2017) ‘People Studying People: Research Ethics in Society’, MOOC: University of Leicester


Gina is currently supervising doctoral students in the areas of prisons, probation, re-offending and rehabilitation. She is open to supervising PhD students in these and related areas. 


  • Criminal Justice in Action (UG)
  • Rethinking Punishment and Rehabilitation (PG)


  • Won the British Society of Criminology National Award for Excellence in Teaching Criminology and Criminal Justice, 2019, British Society of Criminology Learning and Teaching Network
  • Awarded a University Distinguished Teaching Fellowship 2018/19, University of Leicester
  • Nominated for two Discovering Excellence Awards (‘Accountability - Exceptional Team Member’ and ‘Teaching Excellence’), 2018, University of Leicester
  • Student-nominated ‘Superstar Awards’ (‘Best Personal Tutor’, ‘Best Lecturer’, ‘Best Supervisor’ 2018/19, ‘Best Lecturer’ 2018), along with the overall College of Social Sciences Art and Humanities student-nominated ‘Superstar’ Award (2016), Students Union
  • Teaching Partnership Award, 2015, University of Leicester


Teaching Conferences

  • Exeter University, Association for Learning Development in Higher Education, The ‘Dissertation Journey: Thinking Out Loud', April 2019
  • Birmingham City University, British Society of Criminology, Transforming Criminology Teaching: Allowing Students to Become Active Learners, July 2018
  • University of Leicester, Curriculum Learning and Teaching Focus Insight session, The Dissertation Journey: Thinking Out Loud Project, July 2018
  • University of Leicester, Discovering Teaching Excellence at Leicester Conference, The Leicester Award: embedding personal and career development into the curriculum, June 2018
  • University of Leicester, Implementing Lecture Capture Panel Member, September 2017
  • Leicester Learning Institute, Shaping your digital landscape, Student Vlogging, June 2017
  • University of Leicester, Teaching Excellence Conference, Developing Student Engagement in Criminology, July 2017

Research Conferences

  • Oxford University, The Howard League for Penal Reform, The Rehabilitation Lottery; The Role of Practitioners, March 2016
  • University of Porto, European Society of Criminology Conference, The Rehabilitation Lottery: Exploring Innovative Approaches to Rehabilitation, September 2015
  • University of Leicester, Privatisation and Criminal Justice Conference, Rehabilitation programmes in state and privately-run prisons , September 2015
  • University of Leicester, Leicester Ethnography Symposium, Qualitative Research in Prisons, May 2014
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