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School/Department: Criminology, School of

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For two decades I have researched hate extremism and the policies designed to counter them. This has included research into the victims of street-level Islamophobia the ideologies of the British far-right the Prevent strategy trends in hate crime and various associated issues.

I am widely published nationally and internationally across both the academic and non-academic spaces. As well as a high number of peer-reviewed journals monographs and edited colleactions I write for non-specialist outlets such as the Conversation and regularly appear in the broadcast media.

My research has been submitted to various government bodies including the House of Lords Select Committee on Religious Offences All Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia All Party Parliamentary Group on Universities Home Affairs Select Committee on Hate Crimes and the Commission on Islam Participation and Public Life among others.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Royal Society of Arts the US Department of State’s International Visiting Leadership Program and an alumnus of the John Adams Society.


Over the past two decades I have been funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council the Economic & Social Research Council various British governmental departments including the Department for Housing Communities and Local Government local authorities across the country independent agencies such as the Commission for Countering Extremism the European Union and numerous third sector and charitable organisations.


Allen, C. (2020) Reconfiguring Islamophobia: a Radical Rethinking of a Contested Concept. London: Palgrave.

Verousi, C., & Allen C. (2021) Problematising the Official Athens Mosque: Between Mere Place of Worship and 21st Century ‘Trojan Horse’. Religions (Vol. 12 No.7 p.485).

Allen C. (2020) The Neoliberalisation of Formal Governmental Relations with Britain’s Muslim Communities. British Politics (Vol. 1 No. 8).

Allen C. (2019) The Football Lads Alliance and Democratic Football Lad’s Alliance: an insight into the dynamism and diversification of Britain’s counter-jihad movement. Social Movements (Vol. 1 No. 9).

Allen, C., Isakjee, A., & Ögtem-Young, Ö. (2019) Counter-Extremism PREVENT and the Extreme Right Wing: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges. Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies Working Paper Series 2 1-9.

Allen, C., & Ögtem-Young, Ö. (2017) Brexit Birmingham belonging and home: the experience of secondary migrant Somali families and the dirty work of boundary maintenance. Safer Communities (Vol.19 No.2: pp.49-59).

Allen C. (2017) Islamophobia and the Problematization of Mosques: A Critical Exploration of Hate Crimes and the Symbolic Function of “Old” and “New” Mosques in the United Kingdom in Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (Vol. 37 No.3: 294-308).

Allen C. (2017) Controversy: Is Prevent Harming Universities?. Political Insight (Vol.8 No.1: pp.8-9).

Allen C. (2014) Exploring the Impact of Islamophobia on Visible Muslim Women Victims: A British Case Study.

Allen C. (2010) Islamophobia. London: Ashgate.


Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate (ideology theory manifestation and/or experience)

Religiously Motivated Hate Crime Hate Crime Trends Drivers and Catalysts The British Far-Right and Extreme Right Wing (e.g. Britain First FLA DFLA National Action Patriotic Alternative etc)

Counter-Jihad Ideologies and Movements Counter-Extremism and Counter-Terrorism Policies and Approaches in the UK The Prevent Strategy


BSc Criminology

MSc Criminology

MSc Terrorism Security and Policing

Hate Crime Module (third year undergraduate)

Terrorism (second year undergraduate)

Responding to Terrorism (masters postgraduate)

Press and media


Hate Crime

Far-Right Extremism and Counter-Extremism

Prevent Strategy

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism


Senior Fellow of the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Fellow of the US Department of State’s International Visiting Leadership Program Alumnus of the John Adams Society

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