School of Business

School management team

All phone numbers are +44 (0)116 xxx xxxx

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Professor Daniel Ladley Dean 229 7847
Linda Ralphs Deputy Dean - Education        
294 4883 
Professor Paul Baines Deputy Dean - Strategic Projects 229 7509
Michelle Dale Head of Operations 373 6298

Associate Deans





Professor Mohamed Shaban

Associate Dean - Business and Civic Engagement

252 3958
Lisa Wakefield

Associate Dean - Learning and Teaching   

Dr Fabrizio Adriani
Associate Dean - Research 252 3371

Dr Nicola Bateman Associate Dean -  Marketing and Global Engagement  252 3500 
Professor Paul Hughes Associate Dean - Faculty TBC

Heads of Department/Division

Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Professor Matthias Dahm Head of Department - Economics, Finance and Accounting 252 5206
Professor James Fitchett   

Head of Department - Marketing, Innovation, Strategy and Operations 223 1218

Dr Glynne Williams  Head of Department - Work, Employment, Management and Organisations 252 5956


Name Responsibility Telephone Email
Dr Tania Oliveira Director of Teaching Excellence and Quality Assurance  252 5369
Dr Federica Salvatori Director of Student Engagement and Employability 252 2389
Dr Kaustav Das Director of Admissions and Recruitment  252 5748
Dr Deborah Price Director of Flexible Learning Programmes 229 7090
Dr Olga Suhomlinova Director of the MBA 223 1248
Professor Peter Nolan Director of Grant Proposal and Development 223 1657
TBC Director of Research Impact   

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