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EDI Committee

EDI Committee

The ULSB EDI Committee brings together a variety of viewpoints of colleagues and students situated across each of our academic and professional service departments. Their main role is to support ULSB’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion by having their voice heard and by actively promoting, celebrating and raising awareness of EDI issues within the School. The Committee meets bimonthly to monitor, inform and reassess the strategic plans that guide our EDI agenda. 

Committee members:

 Name Department
Chandni Anil Employability Coordinator
Claire Ashdown Student and Education EDI Project Manager
Abdul Basit BA Business and Management student
Salma Baz ULSB PhD student
Michelle Dale Head of Operations

Dr Evangelos Litos

Lecturer in Finance 

Dr Lucy Ferdous Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Cristina Fona

Teaching Fellow in Marketing

Women's Inspiration Network representative

Professor Clive Fraser

Professor of Economics

EDI Champion for ULSB

Dr Cristina Galalae

EDI Director

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Angela Izah Lecturer in Finance
Muhammed Bilal Khan

BA Accounting and Finance student

Enactus UK Society

Professor Daniel Ladley Dean of ULSB and Professor of Finance
Ian Lobo MSc Marketing student
Dr Jingyi Mao

Lecturer in Economics

Women in Economics, Finance and Accounting Network representative

Mahmoud Marzouk Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
Julie Mesias Administrative Assistant
Nora Musyoka

University of Leicester School of Business PHD student

ULSB Black Excellence representative

Stephen King Accreditation and Business Manager
Dr Tania Oliviera Associate Professor in Economics
Jane Partridge Lecturer in the School of Business
Fathima Rakeeb Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Chandrima Roy Lecturer in Work, Employment and Management and Organisations department
Dr Lisa Sezer Lecturer in Work and Employment
Dr Widin Bongasu Sha’ven
Lecturer in Accounting
Abbie Sleath Marketing and Engagement Manager
Nicola Tate-Bohannon Student Support Advisor
Lydia Till Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Professor Stephen Wood Professor in Management
Huiping Xian Associate Professor
Francesca Vickers Career and Employability Manager


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