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About the Institute

The concept of Precision Health, delivering the right intervention to the right individual at the right time, underpins our inclusive, inspiring and impactful research and delivery strategy. This will enable earlier and more accurate diagnoses, more effective and kinder treatments, and will harness the creativity and collective expertise of our world-leading clinical research teams.   

Working closely with the University of Leicester’s Biomedical Research Centre, we strive to enhance our portfolios in clinical and fundamental science, diagnostic expertise, data science and artificial intelligence, advancing research across priority areas including cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, diabetes, ethnic health, and infectious diseases.  

The University of Leicester was ranked second in the UK for our Clinical Medicine research in the Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF2021 analysis by Times Higher Education). 

What does Precision Health involve?

Precision health incorporates targeted strategies aimed at all stages of the patient pathway, from risk stratification and preventive interventions in healthy populations, through to delivery of targeted therapies in a clinical trial setting. 

How we deliver Precision Health 

The Institute for Precision Health is harnessing the power of health data informatics, discovering, developing and testing new diagnostics, and forwarding novel medicines and technologies to the clinic in order to improve healthcare provision, patient treatment and clinical outcomes.

We focus on our areas of excellence in Cancer, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Infectious diseases, Diabetes and Lifestyle research in our diverse local population. We invest in inter-disciplinary research and platform technologies that include; clinical imaging, liquid biopsy, drug and diagnostics discovery, genomics and next generation sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics, phenomics, data analytics, health and biomedical informatics and environmental impact on disease.

Learn more about what Precision Health involves (Powerpoint, 55.2kb)


We work with local, national and international organisations to deliver effective results.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust is one of the biggest and busiest NHS Trusts in the country, serving the one million residents of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. It is nationally and internationally-renowned for specialist treatment and services in diabetes and cardio-respiratory diseases, ECMO, cancer and renal disorders, and reaches a further two to three million patients from the rest of the country.

Charitable partnerships

Hope Against Cancer

Hope Against Cancer works in partnership with Leicester’s Universities and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust to facilitate pioneering research, supporting a hub of expertise in cancer research and treatment. Since Hope was set up in 2003, they have supported over 70 projects across a wide variety of cancer types, with a focus on prevention, early detection, and innovative treatments. In 2012 Hope established and opened a dedicated Cancer Trials Centre at Leicester Royal Infirmary to offer patients access to new medicines and therapies. More recently, Hope Against Cancer raised a further £1.5 million to upgrade and double the clinical footprint for the Cancer Trials Centre, enabling more patients to benefit from ground-breaking new medicines. 

Hope provides funding that is aligned to the Leicester Cancer Research Centre’s strategy, helping to deliver research of the highest calibre that results in clear patient benefit. 


Maara is the Midlands Asthma and Allergy Research Association, working with asthma and allergy specialists within the East Midlands to investigate better treatments and improve understanding within the field.

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