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Centre for Rights and Equality in Health Law

CREHL is a development Research Centre that seeks to capitalise not just on the depth of expertise in Health Law at Leicester Law School, but also to acknowledge that ‘health’ has a wider meaning and to incorporate perspectives and methodologies that fall outside traditional ‘health law’ but nevertheless impact on health – such as employment law, human rights law, intellectual property law and legal theory. In all of these areas the law has a large part to play not just in setting the legal determinants of health, but also in recognising its place in both creating and alleviating health inequalities.

The Centre is outward facing and encourages participation not just from colleagues in the Law School, but also those in other departments in the University – such as medics, health scientists and economists. This all serves several purposes. First, we facilitate collaborative projects that lead to funding bids and/or outputs. CREHL’s research seminar series attracts prestigious external speakers to share their research and provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of new work.  We also support members – and in particular PGR students and ECRs – through peer review of work and encouraging them to participate and present in the CREHL research seminar series and ‘work in progress’ sessions.  We support applications for funded PhDs in this area. We also offer a LLM in Health Law, including an Intercalated LLM offering to medical students.

Study at CREHL

Students are a core and valued part of the CREHL community, and are strongly encouraged to take part in all aspects of the Centre’s work and activities. We actively encourage applications to study with us.

Study the LLM in Health Law

Research degrees

We have a thriving community of PhD students, including those funded by the Wellcome Trust, the AHRC Midlands 4 Cities Collaborative Doctoral Awards, and University of Leicester Centenary scholarships. See our current postgraduate research topics in health and medical law, and our open access archive of completed PhD theses.

If you are interested in applying to study for a PhD with us, please get in touch with one of the CREHL co-directors (Professor Liz Wicks and Professor José Miola).

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Recent publications from members of the Centre for Rights and Equality in Health Law (CREHL).

  • T Elliott, ‘The admissibility of "bad character" evidence in clinical negligence trials’ (2022) Journal of Personal Injury Law
  • L Rodgers, Labour Law and the Person: An Agenda for Social Justice (Bristol, Bristol University Press, 2024)
  • A Desmond, ‘From D v UK to Paposhvili v Belgium: The Evolving Meaning of ‘Very Exceptional’ in the Strasbourg Courts Art 3 Medical Expulsion Jurisprudence and its Reception in Council of Europe Member States’ (2022) Tottel’s Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law
  • S Riley (with A Pele), ‘For a Right to Health Beyond Biopolitics: The Politics of Pandemic and the ‘Politics of Life’’ (2021) Law, Culture and the Humanities. doi:10.1177/1743872120978201
  • N Papadopoulou, ‘Dying With Assistance: The Call for and Inquiry, the Power of a Declaration and the Role of Evidence’ (2022) Medical Law Review. doi:10.1093/medlaw/fwab048
  • P Almond (with G James), ‘Mental Health Wellbeing at Work in the UK: Current Legal Approaches’ (XXXX) Legal Studies.doi:/10.1017/lst.2022.16
  • L Austin, ‘Correia, Diamond and the Chester Exception: Vindicating Patient Autonomy?’ (2021) Medical Law Review. doi:10.1093/medlaw/fwab016
  • J Miola (with B Richards), ‘Would We Be Right to Try ‘Right to Try’?’ (2021) Health Matrix: Journal of Law Medicine
  • E Wicks, Suicide and the Law (Oxford, Hart, 2023)

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