Authorised absences

The University recognises that students may be unable to attend campus in person, depending on your personal circumstances and the UK Government's guidance at particular times.

It's really important that you talk to your school administrative team or your personal tutor about requesting time away from your studies. If your circumstances will require an extended period away you may wish to consider suspending your studies.

If you are unable to attend campus in person, you should notify your school that you wish you engage remotely with your studies. This may be for the following reasons:

  • You are unable to travel to the UK as you are having trouble obtaining your visa or flights to the UK.*
  • Your department has authorised a specific period of remote learning.
  • Short periods of absence for personal or religious reasons.

*Evidence of any delays should be forwarded to Student Immigration Advice and Compliance at visas@le.ac.uk.

In line with current UK government guidance students who are delayed in travelling to the UK may be able to request a short period of absence for the 2021/22 academic year but this may not be possible on all courses. All UK based students are expected to resume campus-based in-person teaching in line with government guidance.

Reporting absence

If you are studying remotely - you should continue to engage with online materials and report any absence from timetabled sessions to your school as soon as possible.

If you are not studying remotely and are normally present on campus - you should notify your school at the earliest opportunity if you are going to be absent from face-to-face teaching or online events for a short period of time. You will need to provide clear and credible reasons for your absence.

If you are absent due to illness or other reasons (including COVID-19, self-isolation or quarantine) - you should inform the university at the earliest possible opportunity so that appropriate action can be taken. If you remain well, you should continue to access online materials regularly. Your school will contact you directly if you flag up that you are unfit to study.

Requesting a period of absence

Students requesting a period of absence should note the following:

  • Absences must be requested at the earliest possible opportunity. These can be for personal or religious reasons.
  • Absences of more than seven calendar days must be requested and authorised in writing.
  • You are responsible for completing any outstanding academic work during a period of authorised absence.
  • If you've been unable to sit an exam or submit coursework for assessment because of circumstances which have caused you to be absent from teaching events, you'll need to submit a mitigating circumstances claim.
  • If your circumstances are such that you are likely to need time away from study on an ongoing basis, you should talk to your school administrative team or your personal tutor to discuss other options, such as changing your mode of study (part-time, distance learning) or suspending your studies.

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