Non engagement with your studies

  • Schools will monitor your engagement with online materials and activities as well as on-campus teaching events (where you are expected to attend) on a weekly basis.
  • You can submit a request to your school for for a short period of absence from your studies.
  • Consistently failing to access digital materials or attend events, tutorials, seminars or laboratory sessions will make you a 'cause for concern' and your school will reach out to offer you support.
  • A consistent lack of engagement, including absence from mandatory events or placements, will result in you being considered 'at risk' and is likely to result in your case being considered by a Student Engagement Panel. Those who don't engage with their studies for one calendar month are likely to be withdrawn.
  • Please reach out to your school or our support services if you are having difficulties, so we can work together to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your studies.

Sponsored students (including Tier 4)

  • It is very important that Sponsored students (including Tier 4) who are facing difficulties communicate with their school, and seek appropriate support from other teams, including Student Immigration Advice and Compliance where required.
  • Sponsored students whose patterns of engagement would indicate that they are in danger of breaching the conditions of their visa will have their sponsorship withdrawn. You can read more about your responsibilities and the conditions of your visa on the Student Immigration Advice and Compliance (log in required) webpages.

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