Engagement requirements

How your engagement is recorded

To record your participation in campus-based events, swipe your student ID card against the card readers installed inside the teaching space until they turn green. up to 15 minutes before the start time of a teaching event. Where there is no card reader, your Tutor or School can register your attendance.

If your school is providing materials using Blackboard, your interaction with these materials will be recorded. Schools will also monitor the submission of your assessments, including coursework and assignments to monitor your engagement. 

Engagement expectations

Consistent engagement is an important aspect of learning and the student experience here at Leicester. There are requirements and guidelines detailed in Senate Regulation 4 'Regulations governing student obligations'. 

The expectation is that all students in the UK will be on campus for face-to-face teaching events scheduled in their timetables attendance at and engagement with these events will be monitored closely.

Where a period of remote learning has been approved the expectation is that students will engage fully and regularly with online content which will include:
  • Synchronous (live) interactive sessions, such as seminars, and tutorials.
  • Pre-recorded lectures and other asynchronous teaching content.
  • Laboratory and practical-based teaching sessions.

This is so that you can get the maximum benefit from the learning opportunities offered to you.

Where international time zones limit attendance at the scheduled time, the events should be accessed as soon as possible after they have taken place.

Some courses have compulsory and/or optional modules. If this is the case for any of your modules, these will be detailed in module specifications and in your school handbook.

Some Professional or Statutory Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs), including the General Medical Council, may set out attendance requirements as a condition of accreditation which are more stringent than those set out in university regulations. Where this is the case, this will be detailed in programme specifications, school handbooks and related course literature.

If you have a visa to study here as a condition of the university's licence to sponsor students under Tier 4 of the Government's Points Based Immigration Scheme (PBS), we're required to undertake additional attendance requirements. Find more information on our website:

Your Student ID card

  • You should carry your student ID card with you at all times, and make sure that you've activated your card before you start using it to register your attendance. You can do this by holding it against any reader for approximately ten seconds until the reader shows green. Once you have activated your card, it will then only take a couple of seconds each time you register your attendance at an event.
  • You should not allow anyone else to use your card. Senate Regulation 2 'Regulations governing admission and registration for taught programmes' includes details about this.
  • Find more information about your student ID card, including what to do if your card is lost or stolen.

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