Mitigating circumstances

If a recognisably serious or significant event beyond your control has affected your health or personal life and as a result you are, or have been, unable to submit or attend an assessment on time - you need to let us know. This process is known across all our academic programmes as requesting 'mitigating circumstances'.

You should make a mitigating circumstances request no later than 7 calendar days after the assessment deadline or the date of a time-bound assessment or exam. If there are exceptional circumstances that stop you from making the request during this time frame, contact your school to let them know the circumstances.

We recommend that you complete your mitigating circumstances request (within the deadline) when you have all your evidence ready to upload with it. If you can't submit your evidence when you complete the form, you’ll need to explain why and send the evidence to us afterwards by email.

Further details can be found in the Mitigating Circumstances Policy (PDF, 533KB).

Please read the information on these pages carefully before requesting mitigating circumstances, so your circumstances can be fairly and consistently considered and the appropriate outcome can be reached.