Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Professional services team

The professional services team provides administrative support for all subject areas across the School of Arts (English, Modern Languages, and History of Art and Film).

Academic staff

French and Francophone Studies

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Rabah Aissaoui  Associate Professor in French Studies and Deputy Head of School of Arts 2686 
Dr Nicole Fayard  Senior Lecturer in French  2692 
Dr Michelle Harrison  Teaching Fellow in French  2695 
Dr Inès Hassen  Teaching Fellow in French  5163 
Dr Elizabeth Jones  Associate Professor in French  2688 
Dr James Illingworth  Teaching Fellow in French 5163
Simon Lambert Honorary Fellow in French, Wallonie-Bruxelles International 
Dr Fransiska Louwagie  Associate Professor in French Studies  2684 
Dr Ann Miller  University Fellow in French Studies 
Corinne Pelton  Teaching Fellow in French  2661 


Name Position Telephone Email
Laura Albertini Graduate Teaching Assistant in Italian  5806 
Jane Everson Honorary Fellow in Italian     
Maria Guarnieri  Teaching Fellow in Italian  2680 
Dr Marina Spunta  Associate Professor of Italian 2658 
Dr Simona Storchi  Associate Professor of Italian  2654 
Professor Sharon Wood  Emeritus Professor in Italian 

University Tutors in Italian (2019-20)

Spanish and Latin American Studies

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Clara Garavelli  Lecturer in Latin American Studies  2687 
Dr Sheldon Penn  Lecturer in Spanish  2666 
Dr Mariana Gonzalez                  Teaching Fellow in Spanish
Dr Helen Rawlings  University Fellow in Spanish Studies 
Dr Emma Staniland Teaching Fellow in Spanish  2689 
Dr Maite Usoz de la Fuente  Lecturer in Spanish  2660 
Dr Lesley Wylie  Associate Professor of Latin American Studies  2668 

University Tutors in Spanish (2019-20)

Translation and Interpreting

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Ahmed Saleh Elimam  Lecturer in Translation Studies  3879 
Dr Jingjing Li Lecturer in Translation Studies 
Professor Kirsten Malmkjær Emeritus Professor of Translation Studies  2663 
Dr Sara Naylor Teaching Fellow in Translation
Dr Yan Ying  Lecturer in Translation Studies 5163 

University Tutors in Translation (2019-20)


Name Position Telephone Email
Martin Agnone Coordinator of the Languages at Leicester programme 2665