Modern Languages


Resources for schools

Staff in Modern Languages are committed to presenting their work outside higher education, and to discussing research ideas beyond the University.

  • We give talks for school and sixth-form students
  • We organise and take part in University ‘taster’ events
  • We engage in school visits, offering sessions in both language and culture

We actively invite A-level teachers and students to attend lectures and workshops on subjects related to the A-level syllabus. We welcome them to attend a wide range of research seminars in culture and language. These include the Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS) conference and our research seminar series.

Information for schools

We run taster language workshops for school and college students through the University and Students’ Union, offering participants a fun introduction to different languages and cultures. The aim of these workshops is to raise awareness about the importance of language learning.

We liaise with L@L to offer a wide variety of languages, both European and non-European, including Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, French and Spanish. We also aim to offer sessions in British Sign Language, in line with current efforts to raise this language’s profile in schools and universities across the country.

These events offer an ideal introduction to Modern Languages Studies at degree level. Participants in these workshops also have the chance to garner insights into life as an undergraduate by meeting with current ML students.


Our Modern Language masterclasses offer an experience of learning designed to challenge the most able students in years 8 and 12.

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