Dr Nicole Fayard

Associate Professor in French and Francophone Studies

School/Department: Arts, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2692



I am an Associate Professor in French and Francophone, specialising in Visual Culture, Gender, and Translation Studies. I am also Director of Education for Modern Languages and History of Art and Film in the School of Arts. This role involves providing strategic leadership in learning, teaching and student experience as well as overseeing quality assurance and programme development work. 

I have played a key role in enhancing student satisfaction by leading on a project on transforming the delivery of feedback to students and closing the feedback loop in Modern Languages. I am currently leading the project 'Global Citizens of Change' which embeds life- and employability-skills in the curriculum in transformative ways. 

I am committed to inclusive, research-led, and life-transforming teaching. My work has consistently been informed by a recognition of colonial legacies and the need to reflect this. I cover the themes of gender violence, sexualities, ethnicity and social divisions. In past and recent years I have held key roles as Director or French and Director of Admissions for Modern Languages. As College Equalities Lead, I helped transform University policies. 


My interdisciplinary research focuses on the politics of the performance, translation, and adaptation of Shakespeare in France and Europe, with particular reference to cultural memory and transnational identities. My extensive publications bring into dialogue theoretical perspectives from across the disciplines to consider how the reading, staging, and rewriting of Shakespeare incorporate the historically shifting borders of meaning, language, and fluid theoretical frameworks. Through analysis of contemporary reworkings of Shakespeare it investigates the role of cultural icons and has relevance to how cultural heritage and transnational cultural memories are generated and transmitted in a rapidly changing world.

The second strand of my research centres on gender violence, trauma, and feminist activism in France. I investigate: how gender violence is constructed by institutions; the spaces excluding rape survivors from restorative justice within the tropes of French Republicanism; the role played by support groups for survivors from African diasporas. I also curated the art exhibition 'Speaking out. Women Healing from the Trauma of Violence' in 2014. 


Monographs and special issues

Fayard, N. (ed.) Multicultural Shakespeare 19.1: Special Issue: Shakespeare and/ in Europe: Connecting Voices (2019).

Fayard, N. & Sheen, E. (eds.) Comparative Drama 50 (2016).

Fayard, N. Speaking Out. Women Healing From the Trauma of Violence (Leicester, 2014).

Fayard, N. The Performance of Shakespeare in France since the Second World War: Re-imagining Shakespeare (Mellen, 2006). 


Journal articles and book chapters

Fayard, N. When 'Words, Words, Words' become Image: Intermedial Translations of Shakespeare on the Twenty-First Century French Stage in Ciezlak, M. and Lachman, M. (eds.) Literature and Media: Productive Intersections (Lang, 2022).

Fayard. N. 'Spaces of (Re)Connections: Performing Experiences of Disabling Gender Violence'. Text Matters 9 (2019), 273-291.

Fayard. N. Introduction, Multicultural Shakespeare 19.1 (2019)

Fayard. N. Je suis Shakespeare: the Making of Shared Identities on the French Stage, Multicultural Shakespeare 19.1 (2019)

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Fayard, N. Shakespeare's Theatre of War in 1960s France, in Shakespeare in Cold War Europe: Conflict, Commemoration, Celebration, eds. Sheen, E. & Karremann, I. (Palgrave, 2016)

Fayard, N. Bodies Matter: the Materiality of Rape in Twenty-First Century France, in Allison, M. & Long, I (eds.), Matière (Lang, 2013).

Fayard, N. Rape, Trauma and Shame in Samira Bellil's 'Dans l'enfer des tournantes', in Jonson, E. & Moran, P. (eds.), The Female Face of Shame (Indiana, 2013).

Fayard, N. Reprise et transmission: le théâtre de la répétition de Daniel Mesguich', in Declercq, G. et al. (eds.), Reprise et transmission : autour du travail de Daniel Mesguich (Sorbonne, 2012).

Fayard, N. 'Faire parler ces femmes, [...] les libérer. Parce que dans les quartiers, on ne dit rien'. Alienation, Sexual Violence and Textual Survival in the Work of Jamila Aït-Abbas, Samira Bellil, Leila and Loubna Méliane'. In Vassalo, H & Cooke, P., Alienation and Alterity: Otherness In Modern And Contemporary Francophone Contexts (Lang, 2009), 181-200.

Fayard, N. Who's There? Shakespeare in Production as Heterotopia in Contemporary France. Romance Studies, 29.4 (2011), 269-84.

Fayard, N & Rocheron, Y. 'Moi quand on dit qu'une femme ment, eh bien, elle ment.' The Administration of Rape in France and Britain. French Politics and Culture and Society, 29. 1(2011), 68-92. 

Fayard, N. France's 'other' national playwright? The Performance of Shakespeare in France and the Shakespeare myth, Contemporary Theatre Review, 19.4(2009), 400-412.

Fayard, N & Rocheron, Ni Putes ni Soumises: A Republican Feminism from the Quartiers Sensibles, Modern and Contemporary France, 17.1 (2009), 1-18. 

Rocheron, Y & Fayard, N. Unconditional consent as Lifestyle: The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet, French Review, 83.2 (2009), 330-342. 

Fayard, N. Daniel Mesguich's Shakespearian play: Performing the Shakespeare Myth, Theatre Journal, 59.1 (2007), 39-55.

Fayard, N. The Rebellious Body as Parody - Baise-moi by Virginie Despentes, French Studies, LX.I (2006), 63-77.

Fayard, N. Stéphane Braunschweig's Theatre-Machine: Structuring Space on the Contemporary French Stage, The Drama Review, T185 (2005), 134-152.


Theatre performance
Shakespeare in France and Europe
Gender studies
Gender violence


Undergraduate teaching:
FR1050 Introduction to French and Francophone Studies
FR2010 Modern French Language
FR302 Interpreting French
FR3208 Gender and Power in Contemporary France
FR3140 Norms and Margins in French Cinema
FR-IT-SP3060/61 Modern & Postmodern World Literature 
ML3176 Extended Essay
TS1001 Introduction to Interpreting
TS1005 General Translation
TS2003 Practical Translation
TS2005 Consecutive Interpreting
TS3001 Consecutive Interpreting
TS3003 Current Issues in Translation

Postgraduate teaching:
TS7029 Consecutive Interpreting
TS7034 Audiovisual Translation
TS7037 Technical Translation
HA7206 Film and Film Cultures in Historical Contexts

PhD supervision (current):
Maria-José Escudero-Bregante, PhD Translation Studies First supervisor

Press and media

Shakespeare in France and Europe
The translation of Shakespeare's theatre
Gender violence
Trauma and testimony
French feminism
Support groups for women
Sexual and domestic violence perpetrator work
National identity and Republicanism in France


Editorial roles and Board membership:  
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Multicultural Shakespeare
Member of the Executive Board of the Association of Modern and Contemporary France (ASMCF) and Association Conference Officer.

Membership of learned societies: 
Member of the British Shakespeare Association
Member of the ADEFFI (Association for French and Francophone Studies in Ireland)
Member of the Shakespeare Association of America
Member of the European Shakespeare Research Association
Member of the Société Française Shakespeare
Member of the Society for French Studies
Member of French Cultural Studies

Member of Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones

Participation in external organisations: 
Chair of Freeva (Free from Violence and Abuse), Leicester.
Director of UAVA (United against Violence and Abuse), Leicester.


Representing Fractured Democracies in the City Space of Twenty-First Century French Theatre, Lodz Nov.2021

Seeing the Shadows: Revealing the Hidden Spaces of Repression Through Hypnosis in Marie Nimier's 'L'Hypnose à la portée de tous', ADEFFI Oct.2021

'He is himself alone, To answer all the city': the People's Theatre in Twenty-First Century France, Chester Sept.2021
The Right to the City as 21st Century Utopia: Christian Schiaretti's Coriolanus, ESRA Athens Sept.2021

Shakespeare and The (Re) Making of Europe: Performance as Crisis, Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network Nov.2019

When 'Words, Words, Word' Become Image:  Intermedial Translations of Shakespeare on the Twenty-First Century French Stage, Lodz Oct.2019

'O Brave New World That Has Such People in't!"" Shakespearean Productions of Refuge and Migration in France and Europe in Crisis, Paris Sept.2019

Shakespeare and Intermedial Translation on the twenty-first Century French Stage, Lancaster Sept.2018

Providing Positive Empowerment Spaces for Victim-Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Reflexions on Speaking Out Women Healing from the Trauma of Violence', Leicester Aug.2018


Ph.D, University of Leicester, 2002.
MA, Université Lumière Lyon II, France.
BA (Hons.), Université Lumière Lyon II, France. 

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