Dr Jingjing Li

Lecturer of Translation (with Interpreting)

School/Department: Arts, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2690



I joined the University of Leicester in 2020. I obtained dual MA degrees in English Literature at Nankai University in China in 2003 and MSc in Translation and Conference Interpreting with Distinction at Heriot-Watt University in 2009 and my PhD in Translation Studies was awarded at the University of Salford in 2013. Previously I taught Mandarin at the University of Salford translation and interpreting at Imperial College London and Nankai University. My main research interests are political discourse and translation multimodality in translation and interpreting and audiovisual translation.


My resent research focus has been on Chinese political discourse translation particularly in the areas of translatorial autonomy translating intertextuality sociological studies of translated texts. My current research interest has emanated from my earlier research experience in my PhD study which addressed the contemporary Chinese political representations and their re-enactment in translation. My PhD thesis examines the process and products of Chinese political translation from a functional-cognitive perspective on the grounds of the critical discourse analysis theory. This critical perspective to discourse analysis has been carried forward and integrated with new genres and digital toolkits into my present research and has generated quality peer-reviewed publications.



"Journal articles and book chapters Li J. (2022) (forthcoming) 'How Much Does Subtitle Say? - A Critical Reception Study of Chinese TV Dramas Streamed Oversea'. In M. Samuel and L. Mitchell (edts) Asia-Pacific Stream Cultures.

Li J. (2020) ‘Political TV documentary subtitling in China: a critical discourse analysis perspective’. Perspectives Studies in Translation Theory and Practice 28 (4): 554-574. doi: 10.1080/0907676X.2019.1609533

Li J.(2019) ‘多模态批评话语分析视角下的口译过程研究’.《外国语 (6): 60-70

Li J and Li S. (2015) ‘New Trends of Chinese Political Translation in the Age of Globalisation’. Perspectives: Studies in Translatology. 23(3):424-439.

Feng D. and Li J. (2012) ‘Reconstructing Contemporary Chinese Political Discourse in Translation’. In Chilton P. Cao Q. Qian H. (eds.) Reinventing Identities: The Poetics of Language Use in Post-reform China. Tianjing: Nankai University Press.

Li J Jiang B. and Zhang X. (2008) 《榆树下的欲望》与《悲悼》归属感主题探讨 《天津大学学报(社科版)》10 (2): 187-192.

Conference proceedings

Li J and Li S. (2014) A Parallel Approach to the Study of Political Translation in China. In J. Lindsay et. Al (Eds.) Proceedings of International Symposium on Globalisation: Challenges for Translators and Interpreters. Marietta: American Scholars Press.

Li J. and Feng D. (2012) ‘Translating Chinese Political Speeches: a Case Study of the Taiwan Issue in Three Periods of Leadership’. In: Zybatow Lew / Petrova Alena / Ustaszewski Michael (eds.) (2012): Translationswissenschaft interdisziplinär: Fragen der Theorie und der Didaktik. Frankfurt am Main u.a.: Peter Lang."



I am willing to supervise PhD students in the areas of translatorial autonomy translating intertextuality sociological studies of translation multimodalities in transltion etc.


My present role entails lecturing in Consecutive/Simultaneous Conference Interpreting and Audiovisual Translation. I also contribute to other theoretical and professional modules including Research Skills and Methods in Translation Studies and Current Issue in Translation Research and Practice.

TS1001_SEM1 Introduction to Interpreting

TS1004_SEM2 Introduction to Translation Studies

TS2005_SEM2 Consecutive Interpreting

TS3001_SEM1 Conference Interpreting 1

TS3002_SEM2 Conference Interpreting 2

TS3004_SEM1 Audiovisual Translation

TS7029_SEM1 Interpreting I

TS7032_SEM2 Interpreting II

TS7034_SEM1 Audiovisual Translation

TS7003 Current Issue in Translation Research and Practice

TS7006 Research Skills and Methods in Translation Studies II

I have previously taught:

Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Translation Theories and Practice

Research methods in Translation Studies

Contemporary Chinese Political Discourse Translation

Press and media

I have expertise in critiquing manuscripts in the areas of political discourse and translation multimodality in translation and interpreting and audiovisual translation.
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