Professor Kirsten Malmkjaer

Emeritus Professor of Translation Studies

School/Department: Arts, School of



Kirsten Malmkjær is emeritus professor of translation studies at the University of Leicester having previously taught at the universities of Birmingham Cambridge and Middlesex. Forthcoming publications include The Cambridge Handbook of Translation and Introducing Translation (Cambridge University Press). With Sabine Braun she edits the Cambridge Elements on Translation and Interpreting.


My research interests are in Translation Studies especially its relationship with the theory of meaning. I have particularly worked with the English translations of Hans Christian Andersen's stories and of the works of Peter Høeg and Søren Kierkegaard.


1996 Language and Control in Children's Literature. London: Routledge (with Murray Knowles)

1998 Translation and Language Teaching: Language Teaching and Translation. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing

2003 'What happened to God and the angels: An exercise in translational stylistics'. Target 15(1): 39-62.

2004 'Translational stylistics'. Language and LIterature 13(1): 13024.

2004 Translation in Undergraduate Degree Programmes, Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Chinese reprint by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press 2010. 

2005 Linguistics and the Language of Translation. Edinburgh University Press. In Korean 2012; in Chinese 2016.

2015 'Schleiermacher's metaphor'. In Larissa Cercel and Andriana Serban (eds) Friedrich Schleiermacher and the Question of Translation.  Walter de Gruyter, pp. 185-197

2018 Key Cultural Texts in Translation. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins. With Adriana Serban and Fransiska Louwagie.

2020 Translation and Creativity. London: Routledge

In progress: Introducing Translation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


I am not supervising students because of my Emeritus status.


I do not teach because of my emeritus status.

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