Leicester Medical School

Academic and Teaching Staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr Samuel Adcock GP Admissions Tutor and Lead for Medicine (Foundation Year) sda12@le.ac.uk
Sarah Addison Project Manager sja59@le.ac.uk
Prof Liz Anderson Professor, Lead for Patient Safety and Interprofessional Education 252 3767 esa1@le.ac.uk
Dr Margaret Barnes-Davies Associate Professor and Admissions Tutor 223 1572 mb27@le.ac.uk
Dr Justin Bice Associate Professor and Programme Lead for Intercalation 252 3095 justin.bice@le.ac.uk
Terese Bird Educational Designer 373 6820 tmb10@le.ac.uk
Dr Adam Bonfield Clinical Fellow in Simulation ab798@le.ac.uk
Dr Hannah Bonfield Lecturer and Lead Teaching Fellow hrb16@le.ac.uk
Dr Gerry Browne Associate Professor and Director of Phase 1 252 5192 gb291@le.ac.uk
Prof Rodger Charlton Professor and Primary Care Lead 373 6203 rcc16@le.ac.uk
Dr Paramdip Chohan Clinical Educator psc30@le.ac.uk
Dr Tatiana Christides Lecturer tc243@le.ac.uk
Dr Lucy Cutler Clinical Skills Lead lc204@le.ac.uk
Dr Suzanne Dawson Admissions Tutor sld16@le.ac.uk
Dr Elena Dickens Clinical Fellow in Simulation ejed1@le.ac.uk
Dr Angie Doshani Associate Professor and Head of Year 3 a468@le.ac.uk
Dr Mhorag Duff Lead for Written Assessment – Year 4 md212@le.ac.uk
Dr Gerry Duggan Associate Professor and Head of Assessment Quality and School Psychometrics gcgd1@le.ac.uk
Dr Steve Ennion Associate Professor, Head of Year 1 and Senior Tutor for the Medical School 252 5100 se15@le.ac.uk
Jenny Ford Project Coordinator jsf18@le.ac.uk
Prof Simon Gay Professor of Medical Education (Primary Care) and Co-Deputy Head of School 229 7850 spg22@le.ac.uk
Dr Jane Goodfellow Associate Professor jeg26@le.ac.uk
Mr Leyshon Griffiths Associate Professor and Head of Year 4 252 3450 trlg1@le.ac.uk
Dr Mark Hamilton Associate Professor and Head of Year 2 252 3039 mh300@le.ac.uk
Dr John Harrison Associate Professor 373 6812 jh338@le.ac.uk
Dr Ellen Hatch Lecturer - Co Lead Immune and ASU Tutor eh277@le.ac.uk
Dr Kim Hayer Lecturer (CQMU) kh275@le.ac.uk
Prof Richard Holland Head of School and Professor of Public Health Medicine 252 3022 rch23@le.ac.uk
Dr Ronald Hsu Associate Professor rth4@le.ac.uk
Beverley Ireland Student Records Officer 252 2963 bi6@le.ac.uk
Dr Steve Jacques Associate Professor and Head of Anatomy 252 3047 sjj22@le.ac.uk
Dr Khalid Karim Associate Professor kk55@le.ac.uk
Dr Rich Kitchen SSC Lead rk421@le.ac.uk
Dr Bharathy Kumaravel Associate Professor bk162@le.ac.uk
Dr Sapna Ladani Year 4 OSCE Lead and Undergraduate Co-Lead for Cancer Care and Haematology sl691@le.ac.uk
Mrs Claire Lidstone Lecturer cl442@le.ac.uk
Dr Keith Luo Chongqing Partnership Manager ql137@le.ac.uk
Mr Steve Malcherczyk Lecturer 373 6819 sjm32@le.ac.uk
Dr Christopher Mee Associate Professor, BSc Clinical Sciences Programme Director and CQMU Deputy Director cjm76@le.ac.uk
Dr Fiona Miall Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Studies and Co-Deputy Head of School 373 6823 fmm15@le.ac.uk
Liz Millar Programme Coordinator em385@le.ac.uk
Dr Debbie Mitcheson Lecturer, Infection Unit Lead and Lead Teaching Fellow dm309@le.ac.uk
Dr Mike Mulheran Lecturer 252 5170 mm22@le.ac.uk
Prof Bob Norman Professor 252 3777 rin1@le.ac.uk
Dr Chandra Ohri Undergraduate Education Lead (UHL) co137@le.ac.uk
Dr Christina Oppenheimer Associate Professor and PSU Tutor 252 3094 co37@le.ac.uk
Dr Sophie Parkinson Director of Student Support and Senior Clinical Educator 252 3336 sp502@le.ac.uk
Dr Barbara Powell Associate Professor and Head of Year 5 bp162@le.ac.uk
Dr Lisa Quinn Associate Professor 373 6256 lmq3@le.ac.uk
Dr Michael Routledge Associate Professor and Assessment Lead (CQMU) mnr9@le.ac.uk
Dr Alastair Sandilands Lead for Undergraduate Cardiology Education, Lead for Year 3 Clinical Assessment and Year 5 OSCE Lead as1010@le.ac.uk
Dr Shameq Sayeed Associate Professor and Director of International Teaching Partnerships ss1254@le.ac.uk
Dr Nainal Shah Lead for Written Assessment – Year 5 ns535@le.ac.uk
Dr Malc Smith Simulation Lead mcs32@le.ac.uk
Karen Squires Business Administration Manager (Phase 2) 252 5889 kms30@le.ac.uk
Dr Tony Taylor Lecturer 373 6209 aht13@le.ac.uk
Dr Lucy Taylor Senior Teaching Fellow (CQMU) lt239@le.ac.uk
Dr Tieng Toh Senior Teaching Fellow (CQMU) tyt7@le.ac.uk
Dr Albertina Menezes Velho Associate Professor and Academic Support Unit - Lead Tutor amv12@le.ac.uk
Prof Judith West Professor 252 2976 jvw4@le.ac.uk
Dr Kate Williams Professor and Athena SWAN Lead ksw6@le.ac.uk
Dr Rachel Winter Academic Clinical Lecturer 373 6202 rw205@le.ac.uk
Dr Caroline Woodley Associate Professor and Head of Assessment 252 3080 caw41@le.ac.uk

Lead Teaching Fellows  

Dr Hannah Bonfield Lecturer and Lead Teaching Fellow   hrb16@le.ac.uk
Dr Debbie Mitcheson Lecturer and Lead Teaching Fellow   dm309@le.ac.uk

GP Specialist Educators  

Dr Samuel Adcock GP Admissions Tutor and Lead for Medicine (Foundation Year) sda12@le.ac.uk
Dr Andy Cook Senior GP Specialist Educator – Year 5 Primary Care Lead 373 6811 ac525@le.ac.uk
Dr Emma Hayward Senior GP Clinical Educator 223 1561 ect6@le.ac.uk
Dr Maria Keerig GP Specialist Educator, Integration for Clinical Application Lead and Medical Electives Lead for Final Year LMS students 373 6810 mk270@le.ac.uk
Dr Chris Sanders GP Specialist Educator and Health Enhancement Programme Theme Lead 373 6260 cjs8@le.ac.uk
Dr Andy Ward Senior GP Clinical Educator 252 3770 aw139@le.ac.uk

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