Dr Adam Bonfield

Clinical Simulation Fellow Honorary Lecturer in Simulation


I am a paediatric trainee in the East Midlands with an interest in medical education. My area of expertise centres around medical simulation with particular emphasis on debriefing and video. Currently I help oversee the vision of simulation-based education for Leicester Medical School and develop content to realise this for the students.


My specialist subject is debriefing in simulation and how we can maximise the learning students can take from these experiences. I held an Academic Clinical Fellowship in Medical Education with NIHR during which I completed a Masters in Medical Education through the University of Nottingham.



Book chapter: Bonfield A., Cusack J. (2020) Effective Training in Neonatal Medicine. In: Boyle E., Cusack J. (eds) Emerging Topics and Controversies in Neonatology. Springer, Cham.

Original research: Bonfield A, Roland D. Inter-rater reliability in a bespoke scoring tool: the Paediatric Observation Priority Score. Emergency Medicine Journal. 2019 Nov 25.

Original research: Langton, L., Bonfield, A. and Roland, D., 2018. Inter-rater reliability in the Paediatric Observation Priority Score (POPS). Archives of disease in childhood, pp.archdischild-2017

Case presentation: Bonfield, A., Shenoy, S. 2018 "Thyrotoxic crisis as an acute clinical presentation in a child". BMJ Case reports

Letter to the editor: Gleeson, H., Bonfield, A., Hackett, E. and Crasto, W., 2016. Concerns about the safety of patients with diabetes insipidus admitted to hospital. Clin Endocrinol (Oxf), 84, pp.950-1.

In preparation:

Original research: Bonfield, A., Ambrose, L. 2020 "Influence of video on the reflective learning after high-fidelity simulation"



Leicester Medical School, Medicine

1. Year 1: Applied CHDD

2. Year 2: Preparation for Clinical Placements

3. Year 3: Introduction simulation

4. Year 3: Medical block Simulation

5. Year 5: Intercalation Simulation

6. Year 5: Documentation Simulation

7. Year 5: Ward Simulation

Press and media

Simulation based education
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