Dr Steve Jacques

Associate Professor Head of Anatomy

School/Department: Leicester Medical School

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3047



I originally trained in clinical medicine at the University of Birmingham, and worked for two years at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in a variety of medical specialties.  Following foundation training I decided to continue the research that I had pursued during an intercalated year and undertook a PhD in Ann Logan and Martin Berry's lab, where I developed novel gene therapeutic approaches for spinal cord injury.  After my PhD, I became an anatomy demonstrator in Birmingham, which I did for a further three years.  I then became Lecturer in Human Biology, Biochemistry and Disease at the School of Biosciences in Birmingham before joining the University of Leicester as Senior Lecturer in 2016.  In 2015, I won an Outstanding Teaching Award at Birmingham for my contributions to the Human Biology programme and have since won several awards for my teaching as well as being nominated for the university Discovering Excellence Awards, recognising my involvement with 3D printing.


I am actively involved in pedagogical research looking at the effectiveness of 3D printed models in teaching basic sciences to medical students. I am also a collaborator with the School of Archaeology working on a project looking at the effect of smoking on the maxillary sinus in archaeological specimens.


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Jacques SJ, Ahmed Z, Forbes A, Douglas MR, Vigneswara V, Berry M, Logan A (2012) AAV8(gfp) preferentially targets large dorsal root ganglion neurones after both intra-dorsal root ganglion and intrathecal injection. Mol Cell Neurosci 49(4):467-474

Shah AP, Mevcha A, Wilby D, Alatsatianos A, Hardman JC,Jacques S, Wilton JC (2014) Continence and micturition: An anatomical basis. Clin Anat. 2014 Mar 10

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I am keen to supervise PhD students interested in the creation and evaluation of physical or electronic 3D teaching aids as well as any anatomical topic that could be investigated using cadaveric dissection.


I teach anatomy to medical students and lead the Clinical Neuroscience unit. I also teach on external courses held in the dissecting room including to podiatry trainees obstetric trainees physiotherapists and ODP students.

Press and media

I am happy to answer inquiries relating to general anatomy body donation neuroscience and neuroanatomy and the history of anatomy


I am president of the Institute of Anatomical Sciences
I chair the Anatomical Associations Advisory Committee
I am registered with the General Medical Council
I am a member of the Anatomical Society


I attend meetings of the Institute of Anatomical Sciences twice yearly
I have presented at local ASME meetings


I have strong interests in 3D technologies including photogrammetry 3D printing and 3D modelling. I use software such as Blender and Unity to create physical and electronic resources for our students.



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