East Midlands Oral History Archive

Leicester Community History collection

Physical detail

  • Number of items in the collection: 200 approx
  • Venues where material can be listened to: Record Office
  • Media available on: CD

Collection history

The Community History Collection contains around 200 interviews with residents of Leicester and Leicestershire, which were recorded by the former Living History Unit from 1993 to 2000. Most of the material was collected for specific projects such as exhibitions and publications. The collection became part of the EMOHA in spring 2002. Some items are still being documented into the collection.

What the collection contains

The main focus of the interviews is on the more recent social history of Leicester, in particular the lives and experiences of the people in the city from different communities. The collection contains a wide range of subjects and themes including the experience of women in World War II, life in the Wharf Street area of Leicester in the first half of the 20th century, as well as general topics such as health, work, shopping, leisure and entertainment. Interviews with members of Leicester's immigrant communities were also recorded, including Irish, Polish, Jewish, Asian and African Caribbean people, to document their experiences and their contributions to the life of the city. These interviews generally cover subjects such as traditional festivals and cultural life.

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