East Midlands Oral History Archive

Leicester City Museums collection

Physical detail

  • Number of items in the collection: 15 items to date
  • Venues where material can be listened to: Record Office
  • Media available on: CD

Collection history

The Leicester City Museums Collection comprises 15 interviews. The contributors include curators, museum assistants and a member of the Museum Education staff, as well as members of the public. The majority of interviews in this collection were conducted in connection with the 150th anniversary of the opening of Leicester's New Walk Museum in 1997. Copies of the collection were deposited with EMOHA in March 2002 and other deposits are expected.

What the collection contains

The interviews in this collection record a wide perspective of views of the activities of the Leicester City Museums, from a variety of staff and members of the public, who recall visits to the museums. Such subjects as former members of staff, exhibitions and other activities are covered, along with reflections on changes in the nature of the museums and their work. The collection also includes an interview with the City Archaeologist on the conservation and interpretation of the Jewry Wall and Roman bath site, and a speech made by a long-serving curator shortly before his retirement.

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