East Midlands Oral History Archive

Guru Nanak Sikh collection

Physical detail

  • Number of items in the collection: 3 recordings.
  • Venues where material can be listened to: Record Office
  • Media available on: CD

Collection history

The Guru Nanak Sikh Museum collection comprises three interviews. The interviews were conducted by the Guru Nanak Sikh Museum in Leicester with a view to incorporating oral histories in displays in the Museum. The interviews were recorded between Summer 2001 and Summer 2002. The recordings were deposited with EMOHA over the same period.

What the collection contains

The collection contains interviews, two of which are in Punjabi and one in English. The interviews document the lives and experience of members of the Sikh Community in Leicester. Recollections of life in the Punjab, the partition of India in 1947, migration to Britain, life in Britain and the experience of revisiting the place where one interviewee grew up after years away, are the subjects covered.

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