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Guide to the EMOHA collections

A major objective of the work of EMOHA has been to collect, preserve, and catalogue existing collections.

These diverse collections, from different corners of the county and city of Leicestershire, form the core collection of the EMOHA. Much of this material is in analogue format - reel-to-reel recordings and cassette tapes - and is held at the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in Wigston. Work is being undertaken to digitise analogue collections. As more and more material is born digital EMOHA is beginning to hold collections from across the wider East Midlands region.

Ways into the EMOHA collections

  • browse by topic areas below
  • explore individual collections in our alphabetical All collections list
  • search for a specific record using our Catalogue
  • explore highlights of the collections and online exhibitions in Themes

Not all collections have been catalogued so you may not be able to find details of their recordings on the online catalogue. Further information on uncatalogued collections can be obtained from EMOHA.

See how to request a recording.

Collection topic areas held by the Archive

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