East Midlands Oral History Archive

em: source collection

Physical detail

Number of items in the collection: 9
Venues where the material can be listened to: Record Office
Media available on: CD

Collection history

The em: source Collection comprises 9 interviews. Part of a project by the East Midlands Regional Archive Council (EMRAC), and East Midlands Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (EMMLAC), in the summer of 2003, the interviews were conducted as part of a project to encourage the use of archives within formal education. A project website was launched in October 2003 as an educational resource. The collection was deposited with the EMOHA in September 2003.

What the collection contains

The collection contains interviews recalling childhood in Nottinghamshire during the Second World War and former members of the Women's Timber Corps recalling their wartime service during World War Two.

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