East Midlands Oral History Archive

BBC Radio Leicester Archive

Physical detail

  • Number of items in the collection: approx 2,500.
  • Venue where material can be listened to: Record Office
  • Media available on: awaiting transfer

Collection history

The BBC Radio Leicester Sound Archive comprises over 2,000 spoken word programme recordings broadcasts from the station's inception in 1967 until the digitisation of the station in 2001. This collection of analogue, local radio broadcast material provides original examples of the history of BBC Radio Leicester, the first of the local network stations to hit the airwaves. The BBC deposited the archive with EMOHA in 2001 and it is hoped that the material can be accessioned and catalogued into the Archive. At the beginning of 2010 a number of programmes relating to the 1970s have been digitised. These cover subjects such as town planning, conservation, industry, and immigration.

What the collection contains

The BBC Radio Leicester broadcasts in this collection contain numerous recordings made for education, particularly by the producer Paul Cobley in the 1970s. Many of the education programmes look at various aspects of Leicester and Leicestershire history. Mainstream programmes such as "Crosstalk", "Talking Point", the gardening programme "Down to Earth", "Countywide", "On Reflection", Leicestershire and Rutland Women's Institute "Wiz Quiz" and "Coffee Break" are held in the archive providing examples of such broadcasts and covering a range of subject matter and interests. Interviews with a range of celebrities, local note-worthies, politicians and sports stars can be found in the archive, along with outside broadcasts from prominent events over thirty years of programme recording. The multi-faith and multicultural nature of Leicester is captured in broadcast recording examples of celebrations and religious services of different faiths and recordings in Asian languages. The collection contains broadcasts of a number of royal visits to the City and County and Leicester links with other locations, such as local servicemen serving abroad. Examples of signature tunes and station jingles can be found in the collections too. This archive collection offers much general interest material and for the radio and media student contains invaluable primary research material.

  • This collection is not on the EMOHA catalogue

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