Climate change

Net Zero Plus

As a University, we are uniquely positioned to go so much further than simply reducing and offsetting our measured carbon emissions. We have access to world-leading expertise, we are responsible for educating future generations, we have local, national and international links to key organisations, we influence policymakers at all levels and we have a moral imperative to lead the way in our innovative and ambitious approach to tackling climate change. Using this expertise, our operational plan will include adaptation to our changing climate through resilience and a focus on preserving biodiversity.

Climate adaptation

Current building regulations were set to historical global temperatures and weather patterns. We have seen that these are not sufficient now the Earth has warmed by 1.2 degrees and is experiencing more extreme weather events.

We are developing a building fabric design guide to assist development of future capital strategies to improve our estate’s longevity.


Leicester is ambitious and visionary in its approach to species enhancement on our sites, but there is much more that can be done. A continued focus on biodiversity as a landscaping strategy is a minimum requirement and strict KPIs around grassless lawns, tree planting and wildflower areas are included in our Plants and Pollinators Policy.

Responsible Finance

We can promote further positive impact through our financial activities, such as:

  • Including environmental values across ethics committees and our financial proceedings
  • Sustainable procurement through supplier engagement and weighting of environmental sustainability in tenders
  • Investment portfolio - fully divesting from fossil fuels

Learn about our Divestment

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