Climate change

Net Zero Plus

As a University, we are uniquely positioned to go so much further than simply reducing and offsetting our measured carbon emissions. We have access to world-leading expertise, we are responsible for educating future generations, we have local, national and international links to key organisations, we influence policymakers at all levels and we have a moral imperative to lead the way in our innovative and ambitious approach to tackling climate change.

To that end, our approach is four-fold:


Net Zero Principles; Our emissions

We will continue to measure and fully disclose our environmental impact (positive and negative).

Learn more about measuring our environmental impact


Reducing emissions; Zero emissions energy

We will continue reduce our environmental impact at source through building efficiencies, behaviour changes and policy updates or by investment in renewables. We will do this using the most up to date academic thinking and will involve our academics and students to seek solutions where none are previously available.

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Offset; Responsible finance

Again using our academic and external resources, we will work to reduce the negative environmental impact of our activities, particularly through external relationships such as carbon offset and investment in carbon capture.

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Biodiversity; Estate resilience

We will continue to develop our resilience to the changing climate.

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