Climate change

Measuring our environmental impact

Making Carbon Count: The Net Zero Plus Plan details how the University intends to manage and reduce our emissions, particularly those that are included within the net zero target. In summary, these are the emissions that result from activities that are directly financed by the University. They cover all of scopes 1 & 2 and some of scope 3. However, the University’s annual reporting discloses all carbon emissions (where possible) and is committed to both improving measurement of and reducing these emissions.

The carbon baseline report establishes a baseline of 92,180 tonnes CO2e for the net zero target.

How big is the university's carbon footprint

University of Leicester baseline carbon emissions 2018 to 2019. 51 percent purchased goods and services; 15 percent student travel to Leicester by air; 6 percent commuting; 5 percent business travel; 3 percent raw fuel extraction and losses; 2 percent student travel to leicester non air; 1 percent leased assets; 1 percent investments; 0.2 percent waste.
University of Leicester baseline carbon emissions 2018/2019 (tonnes CO2e)

Relevant research

University of Leicester academics have been involved in measuring and monitoring the impact of climate change since the 1980s and many are now at the forefront of such technologies, influencing global policy and informing decision makers. Some recent examples are:

Our experts

How we are Changemaking

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