Climate change

Avoiding carbon emissions

Net Zero Targets

  • Net Zero by 2040 (all scopes)


  • Achieve EcoCampus platinum for the whole institution by 2025
  • University-owned fleet to be powered by electric by 2025

Carbon emissions – what are scopes?

We label carbon emissions according to whether they are produced directly (such as gas use) or indirectly (such as the energy used in producing something that we buy). Put very simply:

  • Scopes 1 and 2 – Mainly buildings - heat and energy use
  • Scope 3 – Mainly humans – what we use (such as waste produced) and buy

Measures to reduce regulated energy – energy use individuals can’t control – include:

  • Building removal
  • Building fabric improvements
  • Low carbon building design
  • Heat decarbonisation
  • Move to renewables

Measures to reduce unregulated energy – energy use individuals have control over (e.g. equipment with a switch) – include:

  • Technology – smart buildings
  • Behaviour change

Our principal approach to achieve net zero by 2040 is:

Red yellow and green arrow pointing down with the words Lean in red text, Clean in yellow text and Green in green text to the side of it.

Smaller - structure the capital plan around reducing the size of the estate and consolidation of assets (by 2025)

Efficient - decarbonise, invest in building fabric, systems improvement, low and zero carbon technology and behaviour change (by 2029)

Offset - residual emissions (from 2030)

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