Professor Patrick Heslop-Harrison

Professor of Plant Cell Biology and Molecular Cytogenetics


Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison co-leads the University of Leicester’s research group investigating the genomics and evolution of plants and animals with a focus on improving food security and delivering the United Nations UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our collaborative work is being used to help develop new crops, improve the environment and conserve biodiversity, as well as address fundamental issues in plant and animal evolution. We are driving positive change when it comes to the sustainability of our planet.

How many societal problems can be solved just through an organism’s design? With plants, the answer is a lot. Professor Heslop-Harrison is a professor of Plant Cell Biology and Molecular Cytogenetics, which means that he regularly re-engineer the genetic makeup of plants to solve a specific problem. We can make a farmer’s crops immune to disease, we can create crops that provide a higher yield, and we can create grasses that provide more sustainable food for cattle farmers. Using genetics, we can help to alleviate the world of poverty, reduce damage to the environment and put an end to hunger.

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