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Ruth Pollington

We have learned, with sadness, of the death of Ruth Pollington (née Rowell) who passed away peacefully on Sunday 16 June 2024, aged 74 years. Ruth was employed in the Department of Geography from September 1968 to July 2007, starting as a Technician and retiring as Senior Cartographer.

Ruth was a very experienced cartographer and in 1979 received the Wallis Award of the Society of Cartographers, an extremely competitive national prize for cartographic excellence. Ruth was a very well-liked and dedicated member of the Department with cartographic skills that stretched across 'old-fashioned' mapping methods and 'new-fangled' computerised drawing procedures.

Kate Moore writes:
"I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of Ruth. I worked closely with her for many years in the Cartographic Unit. She was deeply conscientious and her work meticulous. Together we drew many map series to illustrate books by members of the academic staff. Over time Ruth adapted as technology evolved from Rotring pens, to scribing, to using computer technologies.

"She was respected within the cartographic community, participating in Society of Cartographers and British Cartographic Society conferences, winning the Wallis Award for Excellence in Cartography twice. Ruth and I shared many happy times in our work for over 20 years."

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