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Mahendra Chouhan

We have learned, with sadness, of the death of Mahendra Chouhan, a member of the cleaning staff at Space Park Leicester, who passed away on 16 February 2024.

Mahendra and his wife Bharti were cherry picked for their roles at Space Park, having been part of the cleaning team that prepared the new building before it opened. Prior to this, Mahendra worked for several years on main campus, being responsible at various times for the Bennett Building, the Adrian Building, the Charles Wilson Building and others.

Mahendra always worked extremely well with colleagues to ensure all was ready for the numerous high profile events and conferences hosted here, and always ensured the rooms were clean and ready for the academic and scientific staff. He knew the ethos of the building and understood the importance of his role and that of his colleagues, in helping to facilitate the cutting-edge science taking place.

Mahendra worked closely with his wife Bharti on the busy first floor of the building. His duties included cleaning the frequently booked Copernicus Lounge, and a wide variety of offices and meeting rooms used by University of Leicester staff and industry partners including Rolls-Royce and the Satellite Applications Catapult. Mahendra never let them down. All the staff on his floor remember him very warmly.

Their supervisor at Space Park, Dave Pidgeon, had absolute faith and trust that the areas in Mahendra and Bharti’s cleaning runs would always be clean, gleaming and ready for use before the academic, research and industry staff started to arrive.

Everyone at the University extends our deepest sympathies to Bharti and to all off Mahendra’s family, as well as all his colleagues and friends at Space Park who will miss him greatly. 

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