Images of Research

What do researchers really see?

4 December 2018 (11am - 4pm)

Fraser Noble Hall, 2 University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RA

Images of Research is a photography competition for University of Leicester researchers – from postgraduate researchers to principal investigators and research leaders. The competition requires entrants to submit an image that crystallises something about their research, and conveys their passion for the subject. 

Over the three years we have held the competition (from 2014, in its initial avatar as PhDepictions), we have found that Images of Research is a compelling way of reaching out across disciplines and to members of the public about the research being undertaken here at the University of Leicester. For the researchers taking part, it is an opportunity to think about their research in a new way and further develop their ability to communicate their work and findings to a range of audiences.

The Images below are displayed in the order they will be exhibited.