Politics and International Relations at Leicester

Academic Staff

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Head of School

Name  Responsibility Telephone Email
Professor Krista Cowman  Head of School 5346 kc298@le.ac.uk

Academic staff

Name  Responsibility Telephone Email
Professor Laura Brace  Professor of Political Theory 2799 lb21@le.ac.uk 
Dr Joshua Baker Lecturer in International Relations 3692 jb717@le.ac.uk
Dr Bleddyn Bowen  Associate Professor in International Relations 2469 bb215@le.ac.uk
Dr Ben Clements Associate Professor of Politics 2701 bc101@le.ac.uk
Dr Steve Cooke  Associate Professor of Political Theory 3746 smc77@le.ac.uk
Dr Melany Cruz  Lecturer in International Relations (Global South) 5782 mc715@le.ac.uk
Dr Helen Dexter  Associate Professor of International Politics 1083 hd99@le.ac.uk
Dr Myriam Fotou  Lecturer in International Relations 2417 m.fotou@le.ac.uk
Professor Andrew Futter  Professor of International Politics 2703 ajf57@le.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer Hobbs Lecturer in International Relations 5323 jh874@le.ac.uk
Dr Stephen Hopkins  Lecturer in Politics 2709 sh15@le.ac.uk
Dr Jamie Johnson  Lecturer in International Politics 2657 jmj14@le.ac.uk
Dr Oliver Kearns Lecturer in Intelligence and Security Studies   obk1@le.ac.uk
Dr Philip Lynch  Associate Professor in Politics 2712 pll3@le.ac.uk
Dr Zainab Mai-Bornu  Lecturer in International Politics 2708 zmb2@le.ac.uk 
Dr Tara McCormack  Lecturer in International Politics 2795 tm155@le.ac.uk
Professor Lauren McLaren  Professor of Politics 4659 lm434@le.ac.uk
Ellen Morgan  Teaching Fellow    ecm39@le.ac.uk
Professor Mark Phythian  Professor of Politics 2304 mp249@le.ac.uk
Dr Jess Shahan Teaching Fellow 5062 jrs47@le.ac.uk
Dr Kelly Staples  Associate Professor of International Politics 3003 kls25@le.ac.uk
Dr David Strachan-Morris  Lecturer in Intelligence and Security (373) 6415 drsm1@le.ac.uk
Dr Dan Street  Teaching Fellow  2710 ds577@le.ac.uk 
Dr Vikram Visana Lecturer in Political Theory 2303 vv81@le.ac.uk
Dr Alex Waddan  Associate Professor in American Politics and American Foreign Policy 2700 aw148@le.ac.uk
Dr Richard Whitaker  Associate Professor of Politics 2756 rcw11@le.ac.uk

University tutors

Name Responsibility Email
Heather Alberro  Teaching Assistant  ha334@le.ac.uk 


 Name Responsibility Email
 Gaverne Bennett GTA gb319@le.ac.uk

Distance Learning tutors

Name   Responsibility Email
Kyle Cunliffe Teaching Fellow DL  
Professor Paul Dixon Distance Learning Tutor  pd220@le.ac.uk
Norma Rossi Teaching Fellow DL nr202@le.ac.uk
Zeenat Sabur Teaching Fellow DL zs193@le.ac.uk 
Francesca Silvestri Teaching Fellow DL fs227@le.ac.uk 

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