Academic Staff

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) when calling from outside of the University.

Head of School

Name  Responsibility Telephone Email
Professor Krista Cowman  Head of School TBC

Academic staff

Name  Responsibility Telephone Email
Dr Laura Brace  Associate Professor 2799 
Dr Joshua Baker  Lecturer 3692
Dr Bleddyn Bowen  Lecturer 2469
Dr Ben Clements Associate Professor 2701
Dr Steve Cooke  Lecturer 3746
Dr Melany Cruz  Lecturer
Dr Helen Dexter  Lecturer 1083
Dr Myriam Fotou  Lecturer 2417
Professor Andrew Futter  Professor 2703
Dr Stephen Hopkins  Lecturer 2709
Dr Jamie Johnson  Lecturer 2657
Dr Philip Lynch  Associate Professor 2712
Dr Zainab Mai-Bornu  Lecturer 
Dr Michael Magcamit  Lecturer 
Dr Tara McCormack  Lecturer 2795
Professor Lauren McLaren  Professor 4659
Dr Ronan O'Callaghan  Teaching Fellow
Professor Mark Phythian  Professor 2704
Dr Jess Shahan  Lecturer  5062
Dr Kelly Staples  Lecturer 3003
Dr David Strachan-Morris  Lecturer (373) 6415
Dr Dan Street  Teaching Fellow 
Dr Alex Waddan  Associate Professor 2700
Dr Richard Whitaker  Associate Professor 2756

University tutors

Name Responsibility Email
Heather Alberro  Teaching Assistant 
Dave Deverick Teaching Assistant

Distance Learning tutors

Name   Responsibility Email
Dr Edmund Brown  Distance Learning Tutor
Dr Haro Karkour  Distance Learning Tutor