Dr Tara McCormack

Lecturer in international politics

School/Department: History Politics and International Relations, School of



My BA was in Politics from Queen Mary University of London and my MSc was in International Relations and Government from the London School of Economics. I completed my PhD in international security at the Centre for the Study of Democracy University of Westminster. Before joining the University of Leicester I taught European and comparative politics and international relations at the University of Westminster and Brunel University. My research focuses on security foreign policy and legitimacy.


My research falls into three related areas:

• Security foreign policy and democratic legitimacy

• Intervention (including EU)

• Britain's war powers


(0) Parliamentary evidence

2019 Written and oral evidence, The Role of Parliament in the UK Constitution: Authorising the Use of Military Force Inquiry, Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, 12th March
2018  Written evidence submitted to and published, Foreign Policy in a Changed World Conditions Inquiry, report of the House of Lords International Relations Committee, 7th March
2017  Written evidence submitted to and cited in Cyber security: UK national strategy in a digital world, report of the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy,17th March


2019  Britain's War Powers: The Fall and Rise of Executive Authority? (Palgrave Pivot).
2009 Critique, Security and Power. The Political Limits to Critical and Emancipatory Approaches (London, Routledge).
Journal articles

2016 The Emerging Parliamentary Convention on British Military Action and Warfare by Remote Control, The RUSI Journal, Vol 161, No 2, pp 22 - 29.
2015 The British National Security Strategy, Security After Representation, British Journal of Politics and International Relations. Early view online.
2011 Human Security and the Separation of Security and Development,  Conflict Security and Development, volume 11,  number 2, pp 235 - 260.
2011 The Domestic Limits to American International Leadership After Bush, International Politics, volume 48, issue 2, pp 188 - 206. 
2010 The Responsibility to Protect and the End of the Western Century, The Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, volume 4, issue 1, pp 69 - 82.
2008 Power and Agency in the Human Security Framework, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, volume 1, issue 21, pp113 - 128.

2016 Academic Freedom in an Age of Terror in Hudson, C & Williams, J Eds,  Why Academic Freedom Matters (Civitas)
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Security foreign policy and democratic legitimacy Intervention (including EU) Britain's war powers 


International Security Studies (postgraduate campus based and distance learning)

International Security Studies (undergraduate second year)

International Theory The Changing Character of War (undergraduate final year)

Press and media

Security foreign policy and democratic legitimacy

Intervention (including EU)

Britain's war powers

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