Dr Jamie Johnson

Lecturer in Security Conflict and International Development

School/Department: History Politics and International Relations, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 2657



Dr Jamie M. Johnson joined the school as a Lecturer in Security, Conflict and International Development in August 2017. He had previously held positions at the University of Birmingham, the University of Sheffield and the University of Manchester.

Jamie completed his undergraduate (BA Economics and Politics) and postgraduate (MA International Politics) degrees in the Department of Politics, University of Manchester. He remained in Manchester for his funded doctoral research on the post-2001 conflict in Afghanistan, which was supervised by Professor Maja Zehfuss and Professor Peter Lawler.

He is a member of the Intelligence, Security and Strategic Studies (ISSS) and Feminism, Global Ethics and Political Theory (FEMGEPT) research clusters.

Jamie sits on the editorial board of Critical Military Studies, a leading interdisciplinary journal on the study of military power. He is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). He has also served as a member of the QAA Advisory Group for the Subject Benchmark Statement in Politics and International Relations.


Jamie's research focuses on two main areas: (i) the ethics of war and (ii) scandals in global politics. His interest in the ethics of war focuses on exploring how western societies normalise and legitimise armed conflict. More recently Jamie has focused on political scandals. Specifically he is interested in how scandals reveal and reconfigure relations of power in contemporary global politics.

His research has been published in British PoliticsCritical Studies on Terrorism, European Journal of International Relations, and Review of International Studies


Journal Articles


Johnson, JM, OD Thomas and VM Basham. (2024) '"Mr Rules": Keir Starmer and the juridification of politics'. British Politics


Johnson, JM, VM Basham and OD Thomas. (2022) 'Ordering disorder: The making of world politics'. Review of International Studies, 48(4): 607-625.


Johnson, JM and VM Basham. (2021) 'Living in dangerous times'. Critical Studies on Terrorism, 14(4): 400-401.


Johnson, JM. (2017) 'Beyond a politics of recrimination: Ethics, scandal and the rehabilitation of violence'. European Journal of International Relations, 23(3): 703-726.


Book Chapters


Johnson, JM and VM Basham. (2023) ‘Living in Dangerous Times’, in LB Jackson, L Jarvis and H Toros eds., 9/11 Twenty Years On: Critical Perspectives (Abingdon: Routledge), 4-5.




Birmingham Policy Commission. (2014). The Security Impact of Drones: Challenges and Opportunities for the UK.


Jamie is interested in supervising projects that speak to the following themes: 

- Scandals in British and international politics 
- The politics and ethics of liberal war and the legitimation of political violence
- Critical approaches to International Relations


Jamie primarily teaches on the themes of conflict, security, and violence, as well as International Relations more broadly.

He currently convenes the following modules:

- PL1022 Key Concepts in International Relations
- PL3145 Gender, Race and War

He is also currently involved in the teaching of the following modules:

- PL3060 Feminism
- PL7076 US Foreign Policy
- PL7089 Politics of Human Rights
- PL7095 Global Ethics in Practice
- PL7161 International Relations After the Cold War
- SS7200 Research Philosophy

Press and media

Jamie is available for media requests on the following topics: 

- Political scandals in British and International Politics
- War, international security, and humanitarian intervention


Jamie has been recognised for his teaching through the following award nominations:

- Best Lecturer, Leicester Students' Union, Superstar Awards 2021 (nomination)
- Student Experience Champion, University of Leicester, Citizens' Awards 2021 (nomination)
- Best Postgraduate Teacher, University of Manchester, Manchester Teaching Awards 2013 (nomination)

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