Professor Andrew Futter

Professor of International Politics


Professor Andrew Futter specialises in contemporary nuclear weapons issues, specifically emerging technologies and their impact on nuclear strategy, stability and arms control. His work is centred on raising international awareness of nuclear risks, and shaping the climate of ideas that ensures governments and policymakers can make the best decisions possible.  

The world of nuclear weapons and technology is constantly evolving. But the responses and attitudes of our government and policymakers to these new risks just aren’t keeping up. There are new pathways towards escalation, new vulnerabilities, new technologies that blend nuclear and non-nuclear weapons. Our world isn’t prepared for the scale of nuclear war that could become reality.  

Professor Futter’s research has been heavily influential in raising international awareness of these new nuclear threats, encouraging governments and policymakers to modernise their thinking and decisions. Ultimately, his work seeks to ensure that we’re all working towards the same goal: for the nuclear button never to be pressed again.  

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