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Professor of International Politics

Andrew Futter

School/Department: Politics and International Relations


Web: @andrewfutter


Professor Andrew Futter is an expert in contemporary global nuclear politics, with a particular specialism on emerging technologies and their impact on nuclear strategy, deterrence, stability and arms control.

Professor Futter’s work plays a key role in shaping the climate of ideas around nuclear policy, and has been used by governments, global civil society groups and professional organisations seeking to raise awareness of and better combat nuclear risks.

Professor Futter joined Leicester in 2012, after completing his PhD at the University of Birmingham.  He was previously a visiting fellow at: the Centre for Arms Control and Nonproliferation in Washington D.C., the James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation Studies in Monterey California, and at the Norwegian Nobel Peace Institute in Oslo. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board for the UK Project on Nuclear Issues.


Professor Futter’s research focusses on the contemporary challenges posed by nuclear weapons and nuclear technologies.  His work spans all aspects of global nuclear order from deterrence, strategy and arms control to norms, disarmament, and the links between existential risks, nuclear energy and climate change.  He is also passionate about nuclear education.

Professor Futter is currently leading the 5-year European Research Council funded “Towards a Third Nuclear Age” research project. This project seeks to examine the technological, geopolitical and normative shifts that are transforming the current global nuclear order.

He was previously PI on the ESRC Future Research Leader’s grant, “Cyber threats and nuclear weapons”.

He has published widely on nuclear politics, including the books:





Professor Futter is interested in supervising doctoral projects looking at contemporary nuclear weapons issues.

He currently supervises the following PhD students:

  • Ludovica Castelli - The nuclear proliferation complex in the Middle East
  • Jack O’Doherty - The evolution of US nuclear counterforce doctrine
  • Katie Titherington - Roosevelt, Truman and the psychology of dropping the bomb
  • Jim Howe - US nuclear power for space propulsion
  • Sam Canter - Comparing the three US military offset strategies
  • Anu Damale - Responsible uses of emerging technology in space
  • Deden Habibi - Indonesia and space

Press and media

Professor Futter is a regular contributor to global print and online media, and has appeared on radio and TV, including in the documentaries “War Factories”, Channel 4’s “Fortress Britain”, and “Nuclear Armageddon” on BBC2.

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